So as you probably know by now Charlie Villanueva tweeted the following late last night on twitter:
KG talks alot of crap, he's prob never been in a fight, I would love to get in a ring with him, I will expose him

KG called me a cancer patient, I'm pissed because, u know how many people died from cancer, and he's tossing it like it's a joke,

I wouldn't even trip about that, but a cancer patient, I know way 2 many people who passed away from it, and I have a special place 4 those
We'll let you make the call on this.

Feel free to leave a comment on the reasoning for your vote.

JR 11/03/2010 02:09:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Charlie challenging KG in the ring?!
    KG has been in many on court mini fights. ex:

    -Elbowing Q Richardson last spring.
    -Punching his teammate when he was with the wolves.
    -Everybody else that KG elbowed during his career.lol (but he has yet to catch up to Dwight Howard with elbowing other players ;)
    -And im sure KG can take some shots because he hits himself before every game! and he doesnt do any baby hits, HE POUNDS ON HIS CHEST LIKE A MANIAC!!

  2. tb727 says:

    Garnett called the wrong player that. It should've been for Illgauskas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is said on the court should stay on the court.
    Charlie is sensitive apparently and now he wants everybody to know that his feelings are hurt.

  4. KG really disappointed me saying that. There's certain topics you can't talk about and this is one of them. I really hope it's not true, but I have a feeling it is...

  5. Anonymous says:

    Villanueva's a fag

  6. Anonymous says:

    V is looking for a reason to make KG look bad off the court after Kg made him look bad inside the court. this is dumb ... why dont people ignore that dominican moron... cuz he likes to talk sht when he is playing for "his country" vs Puerto Rico and still gets his ass wooped.. even thou he keeps talkin trash, so he should acusse KG for something he has been seen doing

  7. Anonymous says:

    KG is my favourite player since 1997 and will be till his retirement but I'm disappointed knowing this. trash talking is fine but this is to far. If KG was white he would look the same :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don't approve of the KG saying that...However in the wise words of Delonte West "Snitches get stitches".


  9. Blanca says:

    I think they're both wrong. Calling someone a cancer patient is an insensitive and immature little jab. At the same time, tattle-telling on twitter isn't cool either be a man and handle yours in private.

  10. JR says:

    TB, I don't think cancer jokes are funny.... especially to anyone who has ever lost a parent, child, or sibling to the disease.

    Regarding KG, I don't think he can help himself. I don't even think he knows what he's saying. He's like the Hulk or something. Doesn't excuse his behavior though.

    Charlie-V would have been wiser to keep this topic off twitter. Or maybe he's trying to bring awareness to his disease. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. or maybe it will just disappear.

  11. tb727 says:

    I knew you wouldnt agree JR. As you know I've called Illgauskas the "Big Cancer Patient" before. I laugh at a lot of stuff I shouldn't laugh at.

  12. Anonymous says:

    KG does not shut up. If he said that, it is in bad taste, but people tend to say some things that are more acceptable in small groups that they wouldn't say in public. I think it's a little childish for Charlie to post that for the world. But I am sick of KG's talking. Never liked it.

  13. Jenda says:

    Oh come on! It's like when someone calls you retard during a pick up game. Who cares, it's in the game! Besides Villanueva really looks like he's a black guy after chemo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    what happens in vegas.... stays in vegas! I'm sure that's not the worst thing that's been said on the court... You can read the players' lips and know that!

  15. Anonymous says:

    @JR I don't agree with KG calling Charlie V a cancer patient but V is not trying to bring awareness to his disease either. He doesn't have cancer, he has alopecia.

  16. Jenda: The thing is this isn't a pick up game. This the the NBA. These guys are "professionals". Worse things have been done, but KG should at least apologize for it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mike Tyson would talk about raping phones and raping chickens and raping toothpaste. Who cares.

    In my opinion, this is hellah funny- Villanova does look like a cancer patient.

    It's a joke people lighten up.

  18. Jenda says:

    It's not a joke.
    But Stephen, as professionals they should be ready to play much harder - excessive smacktalk included. Villanueva is a sissy for calling KG out via twitter and questioning his toughness via twitter. If he called him out in a press conference, he'd be still a sissy. If he challenged him to a fight right the moment KG said it, he'd be OK.

  19. Patti says:

    Why do we really need to know what was said ON-COURT?! I'm sure there's much worse said in the NFL and in MLB. Why didn't he confront KG after the game--or if it really bothered him that much, during the game? This is stupid--I don't care who said what. If the roles were reversed, and someone said that to a Celtic...I bet no one would even know about it except those on the court, not blabbing to the public on twitter. It's just stupid! I take it more as crying around about having not won a game yet this season...get over it. I still love KG and our Celtics--good, bad, and ugly.

  20. karissa says:

    you guys all need to READ what KG REALLY said, he didn't say "cancer patient". he said, "You are cancerous to your team and our league."
    KG: "I would never be insensitive to the brave struggle that cancer patients endure. I have lost loved ones to this deadly disease..."
    more from KG: "...and have a family member currently undergoing treatment. I would never say anything that distasteful."

  21. Allen says:

    Regardless of what was said, this is NOT the way to handle it. Grow up!

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