This was a hard game to watch as a Celtics fan. Boston simply lacked energy tonight. Without Durant it seems like  they didn't think they had to bring their A or even B game for that matter. Three offensive rebounds all night is unacceptable. Big Baby had his first really bad game of the year going just 2-10 and missing 3 critical free throws down the stretch. No one really played well in this game besides Shaq and he didn't even get any touches after the first quarter. When no one scores over 20 for the Celtics it isn't a good sign.

The Thunder played well at times but didn't play all that great either. Westbrook is the real deal and probably the most athletic point guard in the game. If he cuts down his turnovers he will be something special. I like Ibaka's game too. Besides that no one really impressed me.

Oklahoma City did their best to give the Celtics the game in the 4th but Boston just wouldn't accept the gift. The final period was almost unwatchable. The Thunder kept throwing up terrible shots early in the shot clock and the Celtics could not capitalize. I applaud them for making a bit of a run at the end but the reality is they did not deserve to win this game.

The good news? This doesn't mean anything in the long run and in the course of an 82 game NBA season is inevitable. If anyone gets truly depressed or starts drawing conclusions off this they should find a hobby.  The Celtics are fine and just didn't bring it tonight. We will bounce back and be fine.

One more note. If anyone gets upset that Wes Welker was wearing a Thunder hat please just stop. The guy is the toughest human being on earth and can do whatever he wants, short of wearing Jets or Colts apparel. Have an outstanding night.

Karl Dillinger 11/19/2010 10:06:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This game was terrible from the opening tip.
    Rondo - 7 assist, 5 fouls
    Ray - no 3s
    Baby - completely off night, including those late game BRICKED free throws.
    KG - elbow to the head
    the fouls and the bad 1st half qtr is what lost us this game.
    They should play every game like they do against the Heat!! smh at this game..
    hope the Cs can get a win on Sunday..wash away this bad tasting, terrible loss..AND IT WAS ONLY BY 5 POINTS! ughh..this was probably the most nerve wracking reg season game to me! sheesh!
    good night every one!!ughh!!
    Lets go Celtics, lets go for real..for 48mins!

  2. shelbyl says:

    Wait, was there a game tonite? I guess I've already erased it from my memory.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention that 'flagrant foul' on Shaq

  4. RoswellSounds says:

    Absolutely bizarre...

    It took me back to the end of the last regular season. Gutless effort from the C´s, and one of the worst basketball games of this season...

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know we played lousy and lost but the commentators kept saying Westbrook is one of the best or the best guard in the NBA. What about Rondo? I know you mentioned how great he is too Karl? I still think Rondo is the best!

  6. Karl says:

    Rondo was already considered one of the best. A lot of casual basketball fans don't know Westbrook which is why they were mentioining him.

  7. What are you the designated guy to recap the losses Karl?

    What an absolute joke this game was. This is why the Celtics won't have the most wins this season. And that's why they won't win the title.

    Tell me people: when was the last time the Celtics DIDNT need homecourt advantage to win a championship? It was before Bird arrived. Over 30 years without the Celtics winning a title with the homecourt.

    Miami and the Lakers in the Finals book it. And Westbrook is better than Rondo.

  8. Anonymous says:

    WTF Norman? go get a life and get off of CELTICS LIFE!
    This is where the Celtics fans are at. Get the fuck out of here with that Miami bandwagon shit. Miami has to prove that they can beat good teams (Boston and LA) before they should be put in Finals talk. And so far the Celtics have owned them in both games, and im rooting for LA on christmas when they meet. They are overrated and arent a complete team (yet) like Boston and LA (hell, even the Magic). And just because Westbrook has a better jumper than Rondo, doesnt mean he is the better player. All Westbrook does is score. He doesnt have the defense, passing, b.ball IQ of Rondo so get the hell out of here saying that! just because you hate the Celtics because you know they are good, doesnt mean you have to lie about their ALL STAR, ASSIST LEADER, BEST DEFENSIVE point guard.

  9. Karl says:

    Amen Anonymous

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