Box Score after the jump.

R. Allen(notes)G43:156-123-62-2+91380120217
R. Rondo(notes)G35:532-60-20-0+231414830034
S. O'Neal(notes)C22:125-50-06-8+202911120116
P. Pierce(notes)F38:595-121-47-9+190240130318
K. Garnett(notes)F35:0410-180-06-6+2531110202326
Percentages.539.308.800Team Rebounds: 7
G. Davis(notes)26:318-160-02-3-151421110418
M. Daniels(notes)12:560-10-01-2-16010010011
N. Robinson(notes)12:131-20-10-0-12012000022
S. Erden(notes)10:444-40-00-0-9001100028
V. Wafer(notes)2:130-00-00-0+1000000000

JR 11/27/2010 02:10:00 AM Edit
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  1. What the crap is a "bpx score"?! Good one JR, you idiot!

  2. JR says:

    Norman, Go masturbate to posters of Robert Redford.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow, Norman is still hanging around Celtics Life?! lmao
    go get a life dude, get on a Lakers fan site or a Heat fan site, or any other anti-Celtic site cause you just hate on the Celtics ALL DAY LONG! go hop on LeBrons nuts ok guy.lol..wait, youre probably already on them! haha!

    anyway...did anybody else notice how after Ray Allen shot his first 3 in the highlight, the defender (Evans) was complaining to the ref and saying someone hit him in the arm..WHEN CLEARLY NOBODY GRABED HIM OR HIT HIM! wtf. he wouldnt have tried to get that call if Ray didnt make that 3.

  4. ronit07 says:

    yup your rite anon I ust saw that after u said it anyways nice revenge against rapt

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