First, here's the dunk that the NBA highlights from last night didn't include, but people were asking for. A sweet move, but the fall at the end in my opinion takes something away from it (At least it's not gymnastics or figure skating). I know Lasme is the new binky of many out there. I keep hearing how the "kid" has real potential as a back-up small forward to the Celtics. Two things to remember. A) He's not a kid. He'll be 28 years old in 2 months, which makes him older than everyone on the roster besides the Big 3, Marquis and the O'Neal brothers. And B) His jumper is atrocious, so he really can't play small forward right now. If you keep him hoping that years down the road he gets a jumper, just remember that in two years he'll be 30 and his athleticism (his main attribute) will be on the decline.

Lasme is a nice story. He beat Gaffney out for the annual role of college big man trying to win a spot as a small forward on the Celtics (Has TB done a WTHHT Junior Burrough yet?) and he's outplayed Von Wafer so far (at least in the games). I just think people might want to temper their enthusiasm just a little bit. Would be nice story if he makes the team, but he's not going to be asked to guard Lebron, 'Melo, or Durant anytime soon.

JR 10/11/2010 04:48:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Well, let's not forget that we are talking about our 15th man here. We need someone who fills a need in case of emergency (the SF position behind Daniels), has some athleticism, plays some good D and is humble enough to accept his role. We need someone happy to be part of the team and also maybe someone who wants to spend some time in the D-league. All those conditions are fulfilled by the prospective signing of Lasme.

    We don't need a complete player because then he wouldn't be fighting for the 15th spot. Lasme has offensive limitations mainly due to the fact that he is an undersized and underweight 4 instead of a long 3. He doesn't seem to have very good hands either and his shot is off (but so far Mario and Von haven't really been the second coming of Jeff Hornaceck either).

    Lasme has some international experience, is willing to do whatever to make the team, plays great D, is very athletic and has the will to fight and improve despite the obstacles. Why not giving him that roster spot?

    Wafer seems unhappy and is more a SG than a SF. Offensively he is much better than the other 2 but so far he's shown nothing. So, either he starts showing some signs or he better be packing his bags soon.

    Mario West seems to be a poor man's Tony Allen, but how poor is that? He is also a SG and can't hit a shot. His D, attitude and will are his biggest assets but maybe those attributes were already shown by Gaffney and he was cut already.

    I guess we'll know more this week but so far I think it would be nice to give Lasme the last spot of this roster

  2. Bohemian says:

    By the way, the dunk is amazing. It's like a desperate and uncontrolled display of power right there...as if there was no tomorrow. Carpe diem Stephane! :)

  3. JR says:

    Yeah good points on the 15th man mentality. Lasme's body language seems much better than Wafer's. The thing is we already have Perk, Bradley, and Gody as three guys who won't play. And then West is out for 10 games. So the 15th man could be more like the 11th man to start the season. Or the only backup wing besides Marquis. Let's say Ray or Pierce misses one of those ten. Then you'd have Marquis starting and who to backup the 2/3 Nate, Gody and Lasme?

  4. Bohemian says:

    Good point, maybe a trade is brewing ;)

  5. JR says:

    I was also thinking who's to say the 15th man has to come from our camp. Maybe another team has a guy better than Lasme or Wafer in camp that they can't keep, so maybe the 15th man will come once other teams finalize their rosters. Hoping the Thunder cut Durant. ;) He'd look good in green. Well he did on the Sonics at least.

  6. alscorcho says:

    sign joe ingles from the spanish league...sold!

  7. tb727 says:

    Junior Burrough has not been done yet. I will be putting a lot of time into that one. I thought he'd be an all-time Celtics great. And that his jersey would be retired. I was incredibly mistaken.

  8. Karl says:

    Umass's own! Remember watching Lasme for 2 years block everyone's shot. He is definitely not a small forward!

  9. bballee says:

    Lasme, listed 6'8", DX 6'5.5" w/o shoes, 6'7" with, 28 in Dec
    only offense is from 0"

    Wafer, listed 6'5", 25 yr old

    Harangody,list 6'8", DX 6'6" w/o shoes, 6'7.75" with, 23 in Jan

    While I look forward to seeing any of these defend a small forward, I am not hopeful.

  10. Anonymous says:


    PF- KG
    SF- "The Truth"
    C - S or J O'Neal
    SG- rayray
    PG- rororondooo


    Glen Davis and Nate Robinson for sure because of what they showed during the Finals and they continue to grow and learn the Celtic basketball. Both of them are showing signs that they can really help the Boston Team.And they are "Donkey and Shrek"

    Delonte West can backup Ray Allen in The SG position.good perimeter shooter even behind the arc..can also play the PG

    Kendrick Perkins because he is the Starting Center before the 2 ONeals came.Best center for me.he can definitely out-muscle D12 inside the paint

    Marquis Daniels can contribute.can go to the basket or shoot the 3pt.or defend...


    Harangody because he is young talented SF man.can also shoot the 3.

    VON Wafer...Love this kid when he was in the Houston Rockets.love what i see if he's in the court.the dunks,the hustle and the 3's.Doc must insert him in the roster and give him playing time. He definitely must play especially during the playoffs.

    Mario West can play "D"....Celtics now lack "D" because TA left for the Grizzlies....DAMN!!!!but please practice how to shoot.ehehehe

    for the 15th spot?i dont know actually who will i choose between Erden and Lasme.i think the player who can play more "D", a good shooting touch,good FT shooter, knows the Celtic Basketball,hustles for the lose ball.

    CELTICS please practice your FT especially that Shaq and Rondo will play together.everybody knows that they suck in shooting FT.continue to play "D". i remembered in "08 season that the 3rd qtr belong to the team because of the excellent "D" you showed.

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