I can't remember a more hyped season opener than the Celtics-Heat game last night.  The media and fans will blow this all out of proportion as they always do. The reality is that this game is pretty insignificant in terms of the big picture.

This doesn't take away anything from the Celtics win. They looked great defensively and held Wade and Lebron out of the paint for the most part. In the NBA everyone makes a run, so you knew the Heat would come back at some point.  I think the Celtics showed excellent poise closing it out.

Both of these teams are better than they showed last night.  Wade is clearly rusty and will get better. You have to believe Bosh will get more used to the spotlight as the season goes on, though I don't think he'll be that much of a factor against the Celtics. You also have to think they are going to add one or two more rotation players before the playoffs begin.  Then there is Lebron. As much as I dislike the guy, it's pretty clear to me that he is the man on this team and takes a back seat to nobody. It should be interesting how they handle late game situations from here on out.  Good thing there is only one basketball.

The Celtics used their old formula of great team defense and timely shooting by Ray and Paul to win and that is great to see. There bench played great, especially Big Baby who by now is becoming a big game legend. All the guy does is make big plays, whether it be taking charges or scoring in the paint. Marquis looked solid as well and seems to be playing with more effort. When Delonte and Perk come back this bench is probably the deepest in the league.

The biggest advantages we have against Miami are at the Center and Point Guard positions. Rondo will run circles around Arroyo, Chalmers, and House. His command of the game is truly amazing.  I think it would benefit the Heat to play Lebron at point guard at the end of games like they did last night, but hopefully that doesn't happen.  Maybe an even bigger advantage is down low.  Shaq played well tonight and when Perk comes back the Heat won't be able to match Boston inside. If only Perk and Shaq could shoot free throws.

Overall it was a pretty satisfying victory by the Celtics, but one we have to take with a grain of salt. I think if last season told us anything it is that the regular season doesn't mean much in basketball.  Let's enjoy this victory and come out strong again tonight.

Karl Dillinger 10/27/2010 07:01:00 AM Edit
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  1. Andy R says:

    On the money Karl! Just watching Shaq thunder down the court was quite a site and seeing the sweat just pour off him in five minutes worth of play, but Rondo's 17 assist were great and he is a true point guard! I really believe the key to the season will be the rotation Doc uses to keep the old guys healthy and fresh and if he can do that, then we have a good a shot as anyone especially the self styled "King" and "Chosen One"

  2. MLB says:

    Why don't you believe Bosh will be that much of a factor against the Celtics?

  3. Karl says:

    He's soft and we have the personnel to guard him. Against other teams he'll be able to do some damage but the Celtics are too disciplined defensively with Garnett and Perk when he comes back.

  4. DV says:

    the biggest advantage we have against miami is that they suck and we don't.

  5. Jenda says:

    Bosh simply can not outplay KG. He didn't beat him last year when KG wasn't feeling good and he certainly isn't going to do it against confident KG of today.
    But I'd say that this win is quite important indeed. For starters it shows the entire league that Miami is not so good, that it was all just a hype and they're just a team with three guys worth a mentioning and an empty bench.

  6. Three Toe says:

    It's just one game? Hey JR, I didn't know we had coach Bill Belichick writing for us!

  7. Karl says:

    I think it's important to a certain extent but these teams will be totally different in 4 months in terms of how they are playing. Can't take too much out of this game. I think anyone who actually knows basketball knew the Heat weren't invincible.

    Yes, Three Toe, my new thing is to downplay everything like Belichick does therefore I will never be dissapointed when things go bad,haha.

  8. Karl says:

    I think insignificant was probably a poor choice of word on my part. Thanks for the comments!

  9. Jenda says:

    It's certain nobody should take the next meeting with Heat for won now but I think that if the Celtics had a very lousy game like for example the last seasons loss to Nets and the Heat blew right by, it would spark really serious flame in the Heat locker room while the win and the style C's won is giving the whole league better position.

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