With the signing of Delonte West, many people are now sleeping on Von Wafer. I wouldn't count him out just yet. He has skills and he's hungry and I could totally see him getting minutes backing up both Ray and Pierce. Delonte will be out for the first ten games of the season. Those 10 games will be key for Wafer as he should see the majority of the backup 2 minutes. Obvisously since this mix featured Rocky music I had to post it.

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JR 9/08/2010 06:29:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    What's he hungry for? Popeye's? Roy Rogers? KFC? This will all start to make sense soon enough...

  2. Jenda says:

    It's not a secret I'd prefer Wafer over Delonte. He has two more inches that make him better choice for backing up Pierce (at least for some limited time) while Delonte's too small for it and I have faith in Nate at the back up PG position.

  3. tb727 says:

    I actually watched it (most of it lol). He's more athletic than I thought of him.

    Is there a Paul Pierce mix somewhere with Gangstar's "Moment of Truth" song? Get on it xmuscularghandix lmao

  4. Anonymous says:

    0:55 had to be the one of the worst drive moves I have seen in a while.Go Von !!!

  5. Mencius says:

    He's an aggressive player with athleticism and skill. I realize it's a hilight mix, but he definitely looks promising. He should be well humbled after the last couple of years, so I'm guessing there'll be none of the player/coach problems that he had in Houston. Not on our veteran team, and not with a non-guaranteed contract. Look forward to seeing him in real games.

  6. Wafer's addition to the overall skills of the C's is unquestionable. After watching Doc have to relying "SO" heavily on PP and Ray Ray until they had absolutely no lift left in their legs for those playoffs jumpshots, it's so very good to know that with Wafer's skill-set we won't have to do that again this year. There's a video clip on "celtics life" of Wafer shooting a crazy number of nonstop jumpshots from every point on the perimeter without nary a miss. The guy has the goods which we so desperately missed last year in game 7 to spell Ray without having to hold our breath.

  7. http://www.celticslife.com/2010/08/ayo-baby-believe-baby.html?

  8. Anonymous says:

    i dont see delonte getting too much time at all. i have more faith in von wafer to show his game in for pierce and ray. and nate does work when rondos out.

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