Whats' with the shirt Rajon? And according to an earlier conversation with TB you aren't a 92 in 2K11. TB will have to fill us in. He's the expert.

JR 9/24/2010 05:03:00 PM Edit
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  1. "As far as the Celtics, we'll be fine." You got that right, Rondo!" Heat looks good on paper right now, but will the Egos get in the way? Everyone wants to be "the star." Celtics got this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this sportscenter segment w/ rondo ran yesterday afternoon before the player ratings were released on operationsports.com, just to let you know that whatever conversation you had w/ TB wasn't "earlier" than Rondo's appearance on Sports Center.

    and @ronnie2k at 2ksports told Rondo his player so blame him for the misinformation!!!

  3. I am not sure how good the heat actually look "on paper."

    They have no center, no point guard and no bench. They have a super star that has proven to be a poor teammate and has never won anything.

    They have an over-rated star whose always been soft in dominating stat sheets on a poor team.

    They have an injury prone D-Wade.

    The Celtics of '08 had question marks surrounding them at the point guard and center positions but at least had a decent bench and added to it as the season wore on.

    James Posey, a young(er) Eddie House, the additions of Sam and Brown...

    Most importantly, they had three guys who were putting the finishing touches on their careers and absolutely determined to win.

    The biggest difference between Miami of 2010-11 and Boston 2007-08 is their coach. Doc Rivers is a master at managing personalities-- even back then.

    Drama will swirl around the coaching position for Miami every time the lose a game. Will Riley replace Spolestra?

    Yes, the Heat are filled with super star egos but no one on that time has a bigger ego than their front office king-- Pat Riley.

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  5. Nobody cares, and look, the video is no longer available. You suck JR.

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