You just made me lose my smile Glen
So yesterday Glen Davis, spent part of media day complaining about his role and wondering why the Celtics have brought in Rasheed and the O'Neal brothers the past two seasons (I guess he believes he deserves to play 40 plus minutes. When briefed today on this Doc, wasn't happy. ESPN Boston
"No, I'm not even worried about Glen Davis," Rivers said when asked if he had a conversation with the player. "I think he's living up to [his nickname of 'Big Baby']. I didn't even hear it, someone just told me. I'm not that concerned."

Asked if he could understand why Davis might feel uneasy given the addition of two former All-Stars to the frontcourt, Rivers said he shouldn't and sent a friendly warning shot.

"Let me put it like this: If Baby doesn't know his role by now, he's going to be sitting down a lot," said Rivers. "I'll just leave it that simple."
Personally I like when Doc lays down the law. The only thing I'll say is he tends to have a much louder bark and tougher bite with the 20-somethings than he does with the vets. Regardless, everyone needs to be on Team Ubuntu right now and Baby's comments yesterday were poorly timed to say the least. My guess is that Davis will get the message and fall back in line now.

JR 9/28/2010 08:22:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    I think Doc deals with vets in a different way, maybe he does it more in private. We know that he talked to Sheed last year about his 3s, and we also know how strict he's been with KG as well. Before being Pierce's best coach he had a period in which he had very difficult times with him. I believe players love Doc because he has a discipline but with logic, respect and friendship. He has been a player too, and he knows the player's mentality.

  2. Bohemian says:

    Big Baby is just a baby sometimes, for real. I mean, the guy is simply crazy. That's why you need a coach like Doc.

  3. Karl says:

    Big Baby is not consistent enough to be an everyday 35 minute guy. Doc is right, he should know his role and fall in line. He will win us some games this year though.

  4. glitterchick says:

    He needs to be The Ticket Stub. It's not how many minutes you play,it's what you do when your in there. He's had some fine games for us-really stepped up when we needed him. That's what he needs to be reminded of. Willing to bet Garnett will lay into his ass over the whining. I'd rather get 10 great minutes out of a player than 35 decent ones.

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