If you like watching paint dry watch the first 10 minutes. If you like watching Big Baby sing Alicia Keys and Colbie Cailat slow jams shirtless wearing a backpack start watching after that. Of course he also does his Dougie dance eventually and freestyle raps about drooling in Game 4.

JR 9/08/2010 03:29:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    LOL! I have no words to decribe this :P Is it a soup or are they cereals in that bowl??? It's just crazy...this craziness is good for Baby cause later on the court he is fearless.

    I just want preseason to start cause I fear more "ustreams" à la Marbury

  2. JR says:

    Yeah at least he didn't eat any vaseline like Marbury.

  3. Bohemian says:

    hahaha! But I'm scared he will do something crazy!!

  4. Holmes says:

    i'm really embarrassed for him.....this is what happens when people kiss an athlete's ass from jr-high on up. People have been laughing at his not-funny jokes for half his life b/c he can ball. Now he thinks he's eddie murphy in his stand-up prime. Wow.

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