Summer Quandaries #27
Aug 27—34 Days to camp

Rudy/Chandler/Two #1’s

NY wants Rudy, will give Chandler, doesn’t have a #1 next year to sweeten the pot. Portland wants two #1’s for the superfluous squeaky wheel Fernandez. Boston has offered a #1 for Rudy, but needs an excellent and athletic three. Sign and trade Scal to unguaranteed contract to match salaries.

2011 #1
S&T Scal non-guaranteed $2.1Mper 3yr contract
Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler
2012 #1
Rudy Fernandez

Rudy Fernandez
Boston’s 2011 #1
NYK 2011 #1
Scal who they waive. If CBA requires 1 yr guaranteed, Boston adds cash.

Lee Lauderdale 8/27/2010 09:08:00 PM Edit
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  1. Tim says:

    I guess but we should just wait until training camp and if they don't trade him screw em and sign West we need a shooter who can play D, Chandler is an OK shooter and not known for his D.

  2. We lost TA...we clearly need a defensive minded player to replace him.Someone capable to guard a #3 S/F.(As PP asked: Who will guard him in practice). Why keep looking all over the place?
    Just keep 6'8''Tony Gaffney. He is a very capable small-forward defender. Atlantic-10 defensive player of the Year. Second Team NCAA All-Defensive team.
    He needs work on his offense, but so does TA (lest we forget). Larry Hughes has too much mileage, hasn't played truly competitvely in a game in many years. Rudy Fernandez plays "no" defense on "nobody". Thus, why not just invest in a young player with great present & future potential, who doesn't have brittle injury-prone bones yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've never seen Wilson Chandler play, but if he's any good why would the NYK trade him *and* a number 1 for Rudy?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ive been saying this Chandlier trade now for good few weeks. Initially had sheeds contract in mind and then said this trade. Whether read my post or great mind think alike this would be a dream addition for celtics. Clouds over Chandliers summer have only made this more likely. With Rudy being a nice fit for antonio offense and Gallardino onboard this make sense for Knicks. Portland get two draft picks for a guy who is causing trouble and talkin europe. Win win all round and could quite possibly lead to banner 18 and a far better outlook for celtics future with much needed athletism and youth. Rondo bradley Chandlier baby perks all under 25. Please Danny make it so. A ideal addition and ranks even over o neil brothers additions. Hes better than T.Allen.
    Simn S

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just another point - some of da names mentioned - West, Hughes, Spreewell, Posey, Battier, Rudy, Chandlier. Chandlier would be the best running mate for Rondo. With such a old and half court orientated offense a running athletic 3 man can get us some easy baskets. Come big playoff time and the rotations thins down Shuttleworth, Pierce, Chandlier will rotate the two wing positions with Pierce able to play both the 2 and 3. Rondo nate takin care of the one (jury out on rookies). perks, baby, shaq, jon, kg. Miami wouldn be the stacked ones and lets get revenge on lakerland.
    Simon S

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