It seems as if CT is starting to catch on as I received more entries for CT 3. I hope to see that number continue to climb and people fill up that standings board.

Here are the answers to CT 3:

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).
Von Wafer Florida State
Justin Reed Mississippi
Cedric Maxwell UNC Charlotte
Theo Ratliff Wyoming
Dana Barros Boston College

Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)

1. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, went to the University of the Pacific, was drafted by the Clippers, and was on the All-Rookie 2nd team in 1999.
Michael Olowokandi
2. I was drafted by the Washington Capitols, led the league in free throw percentage seven times, and was named the MVP of the 1955 All-Star Game
Bill Sharman
3. I played for five teams from 1989-99, have recorded at least 20 assists in both NCAA and NBA games, and revolutionized the "floater" shot in the lane.
Sherman Douglas

Bballee 13
FLCeltsFan 18
JCCR 35 (perfect score!)
JR 18
SC 22
TB 30

FLCeltsFan 102
TB 90
SC 22
JR 18
Bballee 13

Here are the questions for CT 4!

Part 1: Name the college or high school this ex-Celtics player played last before the NBA (4 points each).

Kendrick Perkins
Ricky Davis
John Havlicek
Sam Jones
Wally Szczerbiak

Part 2: Name that player (5 points each)

1. I am Texas Tech's all-time blocks leader with 162, have played for six-NBA teams (five in the Eastern Conference), and saved a teammate's life in 2000 off the court.

2. I was the first pick in the 2002 D-League Draft, led the NBA in field goal percentage in 06-07, and my real first name is Clinton

3. I played for the University of Oregon, spent my whole career with the Celtics, and am a seven-time NBA champion.

I do not have any prizes, but I know a true sports fan has great pride in knowing the most about their team. For this reason, I ask that all participants answer with their personal knowledge, and not research each question.

I will keep a running tally and plan on stopping at the start of the regular season pending the amount of interest this generates. I kindly ask that you do not post them in comments as that would ruin the fun for everyone. PLEASE E-MAIL ALL ANSWERS TO ME AT SEBREDSOX24@HOTMAIL.COM.

This will run until 7 PM eastern time Thursday. I am posting this on both Celtics Life and BBSB (my personal blog). Best of luck to everyone and remember to e-mail me!

Stephen Bailey 8/30/2010 08:51:00 PM Edit
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