Here's some interesting tidbits from the twitter-sphere on Boston's Center vacancy:

CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely:
"Doc Rivers on whether workout with Kwame Brown was what he expected. 'Better,' Rivers said. 'He's a better athlete than I thought.'...'I wouldn't mind having him on our team, I can tell you that,' Rivers said of Kwame Brown. 'He could help us.'"
The Miami Herald's Michael Wallace:
"Go ahead and nix any thoughts of a Bosh-J. O'Neal frontcourt reunion. O'Neal to Boston is almost a done deal. Bank on it"

So, which is it?

I'm a bit worried about Doc's comments on Kwame Brown, yet, if he was that impressed then maybe not.

CelticsLife on the prospect of Kwame and O'Neal in Green:
Desperate Times Call for...Kwame Brown??
Another O'Neal Has Interest in Boston

Michael Saver 7/07/2010 09:21:00 PM Edit
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  1. Karl says:

    Nice on Ray! Kwame and Jermaine O'Neal,hmmmm. Jermaine was absolutely atrocious against us in the playoffs but maybe he was just having a bad series. Kwame's terrible and unless we bring him on for like $5 a year we shouldn't do it.

  2. shelbyl says:

    Jermaine O'Neal is good news for me. Brad Miller and Shaq have been rumored so far. David Lee was a loooooong shot, we know it. Who else, one may ask, could be a sub for Perk?

    O'Neal is a good D, and younger/faster than the other guys. Not bad.

    We are keeping our last year roster as it is. We might trade Nate and Sheed for better ones. We have two very promising draft picks.

    Things are looking good to me. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by the news that Ray is staying with us.

  3. PB326 says:

    Somebody taser Danny before he signs these walking dead!!!! Jermaine O'Neal? He's going to start in place of Perk might even play half decent and then when Perk's ready to return...He's going to b*tch like Courtney Kardashian at a family dinner. He's lockerroom poison. Shamrock Shaq can split time w BBD and whatever we can get for Sheed's soon to be bought out contract.

  4. Bohemian says:

    Split the MLE for both. Give O'Neal a $4 million deal and the rest to Kwame. We need two bigs at least till Perk comes back.

    Actually I am quite thrilled about JO coming here. I have never liked his attitude but no doubt he has the talent. For this price he would be another steal for DA. Kwame is another underachiever but he is long (6-11) and his D is not bad at all. Much better than Shelden on the offensive side though.

    It seems the deal may happen today even:


  5. Bohemian says:

    "O’Neal still had plans late Wednesday to talk with a couple of Celtics players about family issues, such as schools and areas to live"

  6. Bohemian says:

    Check this out, lol


  7. Anonymous says:

    o'niel is the added presence that was needed in the middle. k. brown adding in would also compliment the middle. get the chemistry together and the east is ours. there will be no sunshine in dade county

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