Boston Herald:
Marquis Daniels, hoping for a fresh restart with the Celtics [team stats] after an injury-plagued 2009-10 season, just agreed to terms with his old team on his second straight one-year contract - this time a $2.5 million deal.

Daniels' return is more a reflection of what's left on the free-agent market than his performance in Boston last year. Marquis started the season strong but after a torn ligament in his left thumb he was never the same. Marquis has a reputation as someone who's injury prone as he's missed 30% of the games he could appear in. The Celtics saw evidence of that last year as the swing man ended up appearing in the second lowest total games of his career (51), averaging 5.6 pts and 1.3 assists.

However, with the departure of Tony Allen and the weak class of free-agent wings that will play for the veteran minimum, Marquis Daniels made the most sense. The Celtics could actually offer Daniels more than any other team due to the "Non-Bird Rights" they hold with him, which allowed them to bring him back for up to 120% of last year's salary - which explains his raise.

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  1. JR says:

    Over/under until his first injury? Saturday evening. ;)

  2. Sam says:

    i don't know. he wasn't awful. he just never played. i do remember him hitting most of the jump shots i saw him take during games. i guess it's hard to beat at $2.5 mil.

    not the "news" i was hoping for though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eh not too excited. Tony played with a lot more heart. Guess Quis had no other offers so had to come back.

  4. Terry Catledge says:


  5. tb727 says:

    What will Jermaine O'Neal and Marquis do about #7?

    Karl, I say a cage-match to settle who wears it...

  6. JR says:

    Lol TB! I'm not sure injured players in street clothes need to wear a number. ;)

    Here's hoping Marquis has a good year. I know you were once very high on him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i was happy when we got him last year for a good deal,,now i don't know how i feel for signing him for $2.5mil

  8. Bohemian says:

    Second chance for Marquis, hopefully he is luckier this year and can contribute. For some weeks during the year he really played well...

    We still need a shooter, though...Wafer, Hayes?

  9. jeffereigh says:

    I'm happy enough with the signing.

  10. JR says:

    Yeah Bohemian I read we were looking at Wafer. I liked his game back a year ago. i think he'd be a solid backup for Ray.

  11. Bohemian says:

    Antoine Wright signed with the Kings...so that leaves us with Wafer, Hayes, Howard? and Butler as the available options.

  12. JR says:

    And Jenda. :)

    Who do you like Bohemian? I'm probably least excited about Hayes.

  13. Bohemian says:

    I haven't seen too much of any of those players except from Howard. I believe that we are more likely to add Wafer or Hayes since Butler's name hasn't been linked to us in a long time... I would probably sign Hayes based on his offensive skills though I am intrigued by Wafer. The games I saw of him were quite impressive.

    You would rather sign Wafer, JR?

  14. Matt Barnes to Lakers? It looks like they offered him 3m. Couldn't we have done that?

    I'm so effin confused. Someone please enlighten me.

  15. OK, I got more info on it. Apparently Lakers had some money left from their mid-level exception.

    This off-season has been a huge disappointment for me. Someone give me my silver lining.

  16. Jenda says:

    JR I'd go there for a suit, a house and peanuts. I wouldn't even require a jersey. Still no takers, though. lol
    Barnes news seems bad, he is a good defender with OK jumpshot. On the other hand it means Lakers have two head cases on the SF position, SG respectively. Can you imagine whistlin' Phil playing both Artest and Barnes at once? I predict a manslaughter.

  17. Antoine Wright signs with Kings...

    I'm still missing my silver lining.

  18. Roswellsounds says:

    Second chances? We all deserve one. But if ´Quis flops again... I smell a mid season trade towards... Nothingness! Barnes was out of the question from the start. Pompous asshole, you won´t be allowed into the garden. Howard? Great! But is it going to happen?

    Very lazy movements from the suits in this postseason...

  19. Bohemian says:

    Silver lining?

    The core of the team is almost intact. We have added a 6 time all star and he have drafted two good kids. We will sign two other players for cheap (Hayes, Barron?) and probably will make a trade in the next weeks. Also Sheed may be back. We almost won it all last year and the formula Ubuntu has worked...why wouldn't it work again?

  20. Bohemian says:

    When people mention the lack of names arriving to Boston it kind of puzzles me since we can only offer the minimum once O'Neal got the MLE. Who do you want for the minimum? Not even Shaq is accepting it.

    And via trade...who do you send out? Perk? Baby? We have 0 assets, just Sheed's contract. But we still don't know if he's retiring plus it's not enough to get a trade done since there are a lot of trade exceptions around the league.

    Lazy offseason? I would say we've done almost perfect so far, cause either you blow it all or you have to try to do what DA is doing. For example, that net rumor of a Celtic offer of Perk+Davis+Gaffney+Lafayette+2 first rounders for Paul and Thornton, would you do it? Would you be ready to trade the future of the franchise (Rondo)??? We can't do much else, be realistic

  21. My main -and only- problem is the loss of Tony Allen.

    Lakers upgraded their bench, Heat is a different story, Chicago as well. And us? Who is our upgrade? O'Neal is a substitute, not an upgrade.

    Rivals are patching their cracks, yet our stronghold (defense) just cracked a bit and we haven't fixed our minor crack (the wing) yet.

    I'm not to blame DA or anyone here, I'm sure they're doing their best, hell, who am I to judge?

    Yet as a fan, I'm not really hopeful as of now.

  22. Bohemian says:

    No Rasual Butler either:


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