Received this video teaser for an Comcast documentary on this year's Celtics campaign in my email today. Anyone who knows my favorite movies knows that "You had me at the Rocky music." It's actually very fitting.

If you recall the 1st Rocky movie he was an old boxer going nowhere. He wasn't supposed to fight Apollo, but there was a late cancellation due to an injury to the original opponent. (For those keeping track at home, Apollo would be the Lakers and Lebron's Cavs would be the original opponent.) Then the NBA was left scrambling. They picked the Celtics, because they were sure they would "put on a good show," just like Apollo and his promoter picked the local guy Rocky. But the Celtics didn't think it was a show. To quote Apollo's manager: "He (they) think its a damn fight." I think Apollo picked a round 3 knockout, just like experts picked a Lakers sweep or win in 5. Looks like it's going the distance instead. But life can never be just like the movies. AT the end of Rocky, Apollo hangs by a split decision. The Lakers aren't going to be so lucky.

JR 6/13/2010 03:10:00 PM Edit
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