Poor Pau. He wasn't even trying to say anything negative. lol. Should of just done like Domincan ball players like Sammy Sosa and Manny Ramirez have done and pretended he didn't speak English. KG sure looks like he means business in Game 2 judging by this video. Be scared Pau. Be very scared.

JR 6/06/2010 06:11:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why should he be scared? He owned KG in game one. No reason to think game two will be all that different.

  2. Bohemian says:

    LMAO!! Awesome, JR!

    Actually, KG has a lot of that character and sometimes he looks like in this scene. As when he looked at the reporter the other day with that grin and eyes that seemed to be on fire...it's going to be a war tonight!! Go C's!!

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