I've been critical of the Suns team for a large part of the season.  Frankly I didn't really think Barbosa, Admunson, Dudley, Dragic, and Frye were good ball players (with the exception of Barbosa, he's legit but I felt was being used improperly by Gentry all season long).  But they were sensational tonight.  Dragic abused Fisher on a spin move for a layup.  Frye and Dudley were hitting their 3s.  And Admunson was active on the boards.

I thought the Flakers would sweep this series.  It's now tied at 2 games apiece.

It sucked that the Celtics lost last night but I'm hopeful they can wrap it up tomorrow.  But the best remedy for a Celtics loss is a Flakers loss.  Go Suns!

tb727 5/25/2010 11:32:00 PM Edit
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  1. Did I not hear the Phoenix crowd yelling "We Want Boston"??

  2. JR says:

    Phx has a shot. Those smug Lakers fans keep telling Celtics fans that we have to make the Finals first. Well right now so called Lakers Nation is crapping their collective pants.

  3. ThomasJ says:

    more motivation to finsh Orlando tomorrow night as this is going at least 6

  4. tb727 says:

    Did you see Bean's post game press conference? He's such a fucking asshole.

    And it's incredible how him and only him gets to show up the refs at calls he finds questionable by throwing his arms up in disgust. If that was Perkins or Rasheed the technicals would be instant. His whining is overbearing. There's nothing better than seeing him lose. He's the devil incarnate.

  5. Bohemian says:

    I was wrong with the Suns, they are really a good team and are giving a fight to the Fakers.

    As for Bryant, what can you expect from such a person? Nothing good, as usual...

  6. Karl says:

    Suns have a legit shot. When Phoenix is hitting their threes not many teams can beat them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Phoenix is a better team? Go Suns!!

  8. Conquistador says:

    Actually tb727.. If it was Sheed he may have even given him a preemptive technical.

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