R. AllenG41:323-111-32-3-1604710003
  R. RondoG38:107-150-05-11-181362101419 
  K. PerkinsC16:231-10-00-0-204011003
  P. PierceF41:473-82-410-10-180333113418 
  K. GarnettF28:495-140-00-0-101530002210 
  G. Davis19:512-40-00-0-601000004
  R. Wallace18:027-93-54-4-160201120621 
  T. Allen10:391-30-00-0-1001010010
  N. Robinson8:562-51-40-0-411001102
  M. Finley7:440-20-00-0-500000000
  S. Williams4:490-00-02-2-200000001
  M. Daniels3:180-00-00-0+2120100010

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  1. rondo-is-love says:

    I finally figured out the good part about losing horribly tonight so that the series can shift back to Boston!

    In Boston, we have this....

    One Celtics blog said Friday night will be about Celtic pride. I say they go allllllllll out and bring in all the legendary Celtics (i.e. Russell, Hondo, Cooz, Heinsohn...) and give them courtside seats. I bet Heinsohn can bribe the refs with some Tommy points in his next broadcast.


  2. Jenda says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Jenda says:

    the first highlight is a traveling, Davis getting an elbow is damn sickening, Howard not getting an offensive foul just pisses me off.
    I'm not much of an aggresive guy, nor am I the type of guy to say "this game was won by refs" but I'm seriously considering buying a plane ticket and going to kick the refs asses untill i hurt my leg.

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