Let me start off by saying I'm not blaming the TD Garden's fans for the Celtics piss-poor performance yesterday.  I'm not even upset by the fans booing like they did.  But I am really perturbed with how the fans seemed so disinterested in this pivotal Game 3 from the tip yesterday, even before the Cavs blew the game open.

I understand this regular season was a colossal disappointment; no reason to rehash that topic.  But here we are in the midst of the postseason, after the Celtics came up with a monumental Game 2 win and the crowd had about as much energy to start the game as they did for a February contest vs the Knicks.

I've watched a bunch of playoff games this season.  Utah's fans are always great.  So are Portland's.  Oklahoma City's were through the roof.  I'm having a tough time figuring out if there's been a quieter home arena this playoffs than Boston's.  I wish Craig Sager would bring his noise decimal meter with him to every arena and keep track of which arena's highest volume is the lowest in the league.  I'd wager to say it's the Celtics in this year's playoffs.  Their crowd has resembled Philadelphia's from last season's playoffs.

You play 82 games to get one extra home game in the playoffs.  The Celtics flat-out stole that with their impressive Game 2 performance.  The fans should've been stoked.  Maybe the 4 day lay off took the momentum out of the series.  Maybe Celtics fans are just not expecting much from this team (like the 2004 bunch) and therefore aren't into cheering their asses off.  Or maybe they're still pissed off from the failure of the regular season.  Whatever the case may be, a home arena in the NBA playoffs is supposed to juice its team up.  Like the Boston fans did in 2008 vs the Hawks and Lakers.  Or in 2003 like they did vs the Pacers.  Yesterday was an unacceptable performance by the C's.  But the fans oughta be ashamed with how lethargic they were right  from the start.

tb727 5/08/2010 01:35:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    It was interesting to see how quiet the fans were even at the beginning when the game was close. Same thing has happened with the Red Sox crowds recently in the playoffs. I guess once you win you get spoiled. I don't think this team has captured the hearts of Boston like the 2008 team. That team seemed more likeable. That said the team is still repping your city, so they should have been much louder at the start last night.

  2. ThomasJ says:

    I'm not in Boston at TD Garden and I agree with your reasoning JR but even with all that if I was there I would be jacked for the playoff games no matter what the expectations. I guess I haven't been spoiled here in sota so I shouldn't judge

  3. JR says:

    No I agree ThomasJ. I never take the playoffs for granted with the C's or Sox. I think the fans should be way more into it giving the home team an advantage. Yesterday's effort was indeed "piss-poor" by the team and the fans at the Garden. Just speaking for the beginning of the game. I can understand not being all that jacked when we were down 30+

    Maybe we need a Danny Ainge towel giveaway.

  4. ThomasJ says:

    Whatever sport you are a fan of, getting to the playoffs is a new season and something to get excited about.

    The crowd will be waving Ainge towels tomorrow.

  5. As someone who attended game 3 last Friday night,
    I would have to say that you could not be more wrong about the fans bringing low to no energy.

    TD Garden was ready and willing to blow the roof off, as soon as we had a reason to. But it was the CELTICS that arrived to the game with NO energy and not the fans.

    Fans pay $100's for our tickets, so of course we're more than willing to back our team up.

    Not to mention, but the Ref's totally called the game in the favor of the Cavs. In fact in mind, I'm at the point where I believe the NBA is as scripted as the WWE !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm so glad someone posted about this who actually was at the game. I agree with you.

  7. tb727 says:

    Fans were outstanding tonight, great to see!

  8. JR says:

    Yeah the fans brought it tonight from start to finish. It totally helped the Celtics having them as a 6th man.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not saying this because I'm biased and hate the Lakers, but I think the Lakers fans are possibly the quietest. Bloggers and sportswriters mention it all the time when recapping games... how the crowd is filled with trophy girlfriends/wives, surgically altered faces/bodies and a whole lot of texting. There's even a VIP club where special people can hang out during the game. The only time the NBA's most idiotic, clueless crowd gets loud is when something happens Kobe-related.

    BUT... that certainly doesn't make TD Garden any louder. The crowd's been pretty dead this entire season and it's been so frustrating having to watch from hundreds of miles away.

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