From what I can gather from various media outlets and from Doc Rivers quotes the C's have a laundry list of issues going into game 6. Doc says that Rondo and his back spasms are "fine." We shall see on that. He hasn't seemed like the same player the last two games. Tony Allen's ankle is not doing well and Doc is contemplating going in another direction. Unfortunately that direction will not lead to Marquis Daniels, as he is still feeling the effects of last night's concussion. That leaves Nate and Finley to back-up Rondo, Ray and Pierce. Nate has looked out of sync and really is a negative in playoff basketball because he can't guard anyone. The 37 year old Finley has looked like he is completely cooked on the court. Expect Paul, Ray, and Rondo to all play 40+ minutes. Now if they get into foul trouble then we are in serious trouble. Please, please, please Doc do not play Scalabrine at the 3. He can not guard wing players.

In terms of bigs, Perk is a go, but Davis and Rasheed will both be game time decisions. Rasheed couldn't even sit through film today and Baby while improved from last night (He had headaches) is iffy. Doctors tend to be conservative with brain injuries. Maybe Scal can lend him his oversized headband. I'd be somewhat surprised to see Baby granted clearance tomorrow, while I expect Rasheed to go, but be even limited more mobility wise than his usual limited self. Expect Shelden to get minutes and possibly Scalabrine.

With such a short bench tomorrow I believe the biggest key will be whether the Celtics can stay out of foul trouble. If let's say Perkins and Rondo both pick up two fouls in the 1st quarter, we are going to be in big trouble. With Tony's ankle, 'Sheed's back, and Baby's brain injuries our solid 8 man rotation is no more. It's all up to the starters... and the refs.

JR 5/27/2010 07:34:00 PM Edit
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  1. Bailey says:

    Now let me ask you guys. Right now who would you rather have, Eddie House or Nate Robinson? This "new direction" wouldn't be a problem if we still had fast Eddie...I'm not worried about Shelden contributing. I think Nate is a liability, and obviously Scal is a liability. Finley can;t play big minutes, he just doesn't have the legs...

  2. JR says:

    Yeah Bailey, Eddie is the type of player that could come up big tomorrow. It's a shame. And to be quite honest Bill Walker would have some use as well since Tony is so limited now do to the ankle. With the Rondo and TA injuries we lost all our athleticism. Even when Rondo pushes it now there is no one running with him. It's 1 on 5.

  3. tb727 says:

    Tony Gaffney, clap,clap,clap-clap-clap!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think our biggest problem is our bigs... Our guards should be fine... the Magic's only 2 guards that can go 1-1 are Carter and Nelson... Nate should be able to stay in front of Jason Williams that's also he needs to do... I also love the idea of Rondo playing 40+ minutes even if he's having a bad game but he needs to be a playmaker not a scorer and get the Big 3 easy baskets...

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think Nate can still be valuable... the difference between him and Eddie House is that Eddie could play with Rondo... Nate and Rondo don't play well together... but he is as streaky as Eddie is from 3-point range... I think the biggest problem with him is that he is the kind of player you need from training camp so that you know exactly what you'll do and what you'll get...

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don't know what Doc should do. I just hope they can somehow pull it together and win.

  7. Sebastian S. says:

    We really need a miracle!!! As a CelticsFan I think it´s more likely that they loose this game (clearly) than that they can win it (by 1 or 2 points).

    There are clear signs for that: injuries, foultrouble, low energy level and the most important thing they seem to have lost their swagger.

    Please Celtics battle and win once again!

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