P. PierceF35:324-152-51-5-26143101011
K. GarnettF30:308-113-30-0-20041000319
K. PerkinsC21:282-21-30-0-1922030035
R. AllenG35:192-93-30-1-2723310127
R. RondoG35:249-170-00-3-28358013318
T. Allen17:403-54-50-0-9233100210
G. Davis18:091-53-40-1-1122100145
R. Wallace14:401-20-00-0-701000022
N. Robinson12:303-103-42-4+2111011211
M. Daniels6:380-30-00-1013000010
M. Finley6:291-20-01-2-200000003
S. Williams5:411-12-20-0+202001004
Full Box Score

JR 5/07/2010 10:50:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    Pierce is getting killed for his lousy game, but when the Cavs switch Parker onto Rondo b/c Mo Williams sucks at defense, but then Ray Allen only scores 7 pts, that's really not that acceptable.

    I believe that's why I argued for the Monta Ellis trade. Other teams can simply stick their worse defending guard on Ray (Lakers do the same with Fisher).

    Ray's a great guy, but just saying.

  2. Jenda says:

    You were almost right about Nate though. His shooting percentage was really low but he got to the 4 best shooters (plus he had OREB). If Doc works on his passing and PG play the way he did with Rondo Nate will be good contribution from the bench.

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