Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 32 points on 11 of 23 shooting, including a last second buzzer beater that gave Boston the win (see below). Ray Allen chipped in 25 points and Perkins was key under the basket again, grabbing 12 rebounds.

Dwyane Wade went down with 11.7 left in the game after missing a 3-pointer that would've given the Heat a tough lead. Wade was clutching his knee in agony after Ray Allen landed on his foot. Miami's best player needed to be lifted off the court and watched Pierce's game winning shot from the bench. After the game, it was reported that Wade was experiencing cramps and would return to face Boston on Sunday.

Before going down, Wade was expectedly the driving force behind Miami. He exerted the sense of urgency for his team, racking up 34 points. At the half, he led the Heat in points(15), assists(5) and tied for the lead in rebounds(4). He also had double the minutes of most of his teammates at halftime. His frustration was made evident by him grabbing teammates by the jerseys and barking orders. However, they did catch on in the fourth quarter; the bench ended up netting 39 points and Michael Beasley totaled 16. Ultimately, it wasn't enough to surpass the Celtics.

Boston took a 9 point lead with 9:57 left to go in the third on a 23-foot 3 pointer by Pierce. However, Wade and Beasley started to take the game back. This was helped largely by Pierce's two quick turnovers, one by stepping out of bounds and another a steal by Wade. This reignited the Miami crowd, and the Heat took the lead with 3:46 to go on two free throws by Dorrell Wright.

The game had gone back and forth all night and the Celtics were unphased by the Heat's late game surge. Boston kept toe to toe with Miami and put the game in Pierce's hands after he asked for the ball with the last seconds dwindling away. Pierce drained the dramatic game winning shot, giving the Celtics a commanding 3-0 lead in the series and surely deflating the Heat's confidence moving forward. Boston looks to sweep Sunday at Miami.

Michael Saver 4/23/2010 10:34:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Pierce and Ray were -7 and -6 tonight and Sheed was +11. Retarded stat. Which is even moreso why Sheed was taking shit for his -12 in last game.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thats why he's The Truth. Pierce brought it to the pan handle tonight. The only Heat in Miami was from The Big 3.. Go Big Green!!!

  3. JR says:

    Rasheed Wallace is an amazing basketball player who gives his all and was another fantastic signing by the genius who is Danny Ainge. He should be voted 6th man of the year for his regular season accolades and now that the playoffs have come around is even playing at a higher level. ;) :P

  4. JR says:

    'Sheed's stat line tonight: 2 points, 1 rebound, and 4 fouls. Best stat though was minutes played (10:39) Props to Doc again. Everyone sees the light on TLC eventually I guess. :)

    And TB started it! lol.

  5. tb727 says:

    I was making fun of the stupid plus/minus stat. Rasheed actually played better in Game 2, yet had a -12 whereas tonight he had a +11.

    His name is becoming like "Candyman"- you can't say it on this blog :/

  6. Bohemian says:

    WTHHT Kandiman, by the way? :P

    Sheed hasn't been a factor in this series so far.

    And I have watched Paul's play at least 10 times in the last hour :P

  7. Jenda says:

    There are people who talk and there are people who act.
    Suck on this acting, Quentin Richardson!

  8. Bailey says:

    Exactly, Q-Rich and Jermaine O'Neal have been talking all series. Heck, the only guy on the team who can play is Wade, and you don't hear him talking.

  9. Conquistador says:

    I don't think its fair to blame Sheed on the fouls he got; a lot of them are BS calls. You can blame the organization for signing him though- He is certainly a known quantity when it comes to this stuff.

    That being said he is still one of my all time favorite players.

  10. ThomasJ says:

    Everyone, including Sheed, knows why 4 fouls were called when 1 or 2 were real after his recent public comments. He didn't complain, he wasn't surprised.

    Not making any excuse for his play but wait for final TLC obit after the next round or further where he will be needed to advance. Miami's weak interior makes his lack of production irrelevant.

    Wade doesn't talk because his 'classy' image helps him get every bit as many superstar calls as bean and james that everyone bitches about.

    Personally, I hate a player flopping, on O and D, to get calls no matter what their personality and image is like.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love/hate these exciting last play games. Yahooo when they win!!

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