R. RondoG36:174-90-03-6+18611154402411 
  R. AllenG35:086-131-53-3+90231111116 
  K. PerkinsC22:323-70-01-1+1425110222
  K. GarnettF32:568-200-04-5+1741050100320 
  P. PierceF32:4410-160-37-7+111721210527 
  T. Allen19:495-60-03-4+122200001513 
  N. Robinson16:223-72-50-0-202210003
  R. Wallace14:501-40-20-0-103111104
  G. Davis12:261-20-00-0-623020004
  M. Finley9:583-41-20-0+100100000
  M. Daniels6:010-10-10-0-100000003
  S. Williams0:540-10-00-0-2000000000
Full Box Score

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    Findog on fire, yet again!

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    Has anyone else noticed how even the highlights look much more boring most of the times?

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