Were you a fan of this theme song? If yes, proceed to the jump.

Hahaha. You so heart John Tesh, it's not even funny.

JR 2/10/2010 12:50:00 PM Edit
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  1. Yes! Bring this theme song back!

  2. tb727 says:

    CBS' was better. Damn there's that apostrophe again :)

  3. JR says:

    You are so the Dan "Potato" Quayle of CelticsLife...


    "NOTE: Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred.

    Mr. Jones's golf clubs
    Texas's weather
    Ms. Straus's daughter
    Jose Sanchez's artwork
    Dr. Hastings's appointment (name is Hastings)
    Mrs. Lees's books (name is Lees)"

  4. tb727 says:

    Do I need to bring up the Richmond edu site again?

  5. tb727 says:

    Btw JR, get this clip up there and let's have a poll which song people preferred!


  6. JR says:

    Yeah I love the CBS song. That was the CelticsLife theme. Remember the video? But many people are too young for that, so the NBC theme was like their CBS theme. And Richmond was proven wrong by the first place I googled and all education books. I would never send my kid there (and I don't even have any kids). The preferred grammatical way is "Thomas's" as Thomas even stated. You Mr. Quayle were wrong to correct that kid on potato/potatoe.

  7. tb727 says:

    I was mostly too young for CBS. But they should be compared.

    And CBS' is better :)

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