Boston Herald: "Sources: Green to land Knicks' Nate Robinson"
Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald (and Bohemian of CelticsLife) is reporting that Nate Robinson is close to becoming a Celtic. 
According to multiple sources, the Celtics and Knicks are close to a deal that would bring guard Nate Robinson to the Celts, possibly in exchange for Eddie House.
A league source, as well as a Knicks source, said yesterday that both sides still have interest in the deal that has been discussed in the past month. Two sources in Sacramento, where the Celts played the Kings last night, verified the interest from both sides.
The Celts have narrowed their positional need to a backup point guard who can defend. They have until tomorrow’s trade deadline to fill that need.
According to the  Daily News Robinson did not travel with the Knicks to Chicago, but stayed home with the "flu." Good chance when he goes to the airport the flight he books will either be to Los Angeles or Portland.

JR 2/17/2010 02:29:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Only the Bulls can prevent this from happening by putting Hinrich back on the table...otherwise, send the flight tickets to LA for Nate Robinson already :)

    And this would mean that DJ Augustin is not coming either...

    What i don't get is Robinson as a "backup PG who can defend", neither is Augustin. Is Ainge's priority (still) Hinrich??

  2. Bohemian says:

    It would be funny if he finally becomes a Celtic because he was also...

    - Drafted by the Phoenix Suns
    - With the 21st pick
    - Then traded on draft day (2005)

    Thanks Phoenix! :D

  3. JR says:

    I'm thinking that they'll make this Robinson/House trade and then add another player who gets bought out. No major deals though. No Ellis, Iggy, Martin or even Hinrich. Just my opinion. I would like to see them go after Tyrus Thomas though. I'd offer a first rounder and an expiring contract for him. I think Nate and Tyrus would give us some younger energy off the bench.

  4. Bohemian says:

    I was thinking about it too, JR. I was trying to picture what was more needed right now and I thought about athleticism in the SF/PF spot. The first image in my head was Tyrus Thomas. It is not enough with Robinson, we need more young legs

  5. Bohemian says:

    I would simply trade with Chicago, that's all. There are many players that would be great here:

    Thomas, Hinrich, Salmons...

  6. Bohemian says:

    ...and Deng ;)


  7. JR says:

    I say we take Rose and Noah too ;) But in all seriousness, all those guys you listed would fit with the C's well. Deng, Hinrich, and Thomas would be sweet. My guess is that with the arrival of Nate, Ainge no longer will want Hinrich. I don't think he'll make a major deal.

  8. Bohemian says:

    There's always hope... Honestly, if Danny watched the game last night he can be thinking that it's enough with replacing Eddie with Nate.

    And I am really worried with Kevin's health. He is averaging 8pts, 8 rebounds in the last 2 games, and was easily blocked at least twice last night :(

  9. Bohemian says:

    *he can't be thinking, sorry...

  10. Bohemian says:

    It seems NY wants deals done today (TMac, Nate...):


  11. JR says:

    I'm not sure that a few months of Nate is worth giving up a 1st rounder. ironically the Knicks want the first rounder b/c Morey is holding them ransom in the T-Mac trade, b/c Walsh is soooo desperate to move Jefferies. The kicker? The Kings were willing to take Jefferies last yr if the Knicks gave up one player. Walsh said no. The player was Nate Robinson. Oops.

  12. tb727 says:

    Johnny Late Night, working the sources into the wee morning hours.

    Still don't like Robinson but he's an upgrade over House in a lot of regards. Eddie's having a lousy season and while it sucks to get rid of a guy from the championship team, teams are more eager to trade for him than Kevin Garnett, who's transformed in front of our very eyes into a glorified PJ Brown :(

  13. Jenda says:

    You have to admit Robinson is really athletic and aggressive, that's certainly thing C's are in desperate need of. He is able of playing solid minutes thus easing it for Rondo. As I've mentioned before, I like his play and I would be really excited to see him in green.

  14. tb727 says:

    Nate's Twitter quoting Eminem: "N wen I'm gone just carry on don't mourn rejoice every time u hear da sound of my voice"

    This deal will be done shortly...

  15. Gil says:

    So we get rid of the live by the 3 die by the 3 attitiude like the celtics of 2001 i make this deal. My point has been for months we need another player who goes to the hoop and gets talented bigs in foul trouble like we did to orlando on christmas day. House is too streaky of a shooter i rather take dunks or lay-ups over 26 footers

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