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Celtics fans are in full out panic mode about the current slide the team has been on.  It's not just the losses, but the way they have been playing that is cause for concern.  However, remember this is all without The Big Ticket.  KG will not be 100% healthy at any point this season unless they come up with some crazy medicine in the next 4 months. However, the question is do we need a 100% KG to win it all.

I don't think we need KG to be at 100%, but we need him at least 85-90%.  KG's mere presence lifts this team especially on the defensive end.  He can't carry a team anymore, but he's still the most intense player in the league and one of the best defensive rebounders in the game. Remember before his injury the Celtics were rolling and he wasn't 100% then. 

The defensive numbers have been drastically different when KG is out.  Though he isn't the shot blocking threat he used to be, he still has the length and athleticism to change shots in the paint. The team defense is really where his impact his felt. Similar to Rondo on the offensive end, he acts as the quarterback of the defense. With him gone their have been noticeable communication issues on that side of the ball.

Personally, I'm glad we haven't rushed KG back, and I really hope he is at least close to full strength if he's going to come back Friday.  Sadly we may never see the KG of 2008 ever again, but I'll take the Garnett from earlier this season and be happy.  Though I still think we need one more piece to be serious title contenders, if Garnett can come back to the player he was in the beginning of the season I think the Celtics have a chance.

Karl Dillinger 1/20/2010 04:18:00 PM Edit
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