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"No," Rivers said Monday night when asked if he thinks the Celtics need to make a move. "I like our team. I would be willing to go into the playoffs exactly the way we are right now. If we can improve, we improve it, and that would be great, too.
"But if we started the playoffs with the 12 guys or whatever number we have and everybody was healthy, I love our team."

This is why Doc is a solid coach. Unlike other coaches that whine to the press that their team isn't good enough and they need to shake things up, Doc instills confidence in his squad with comments like this. Even if he privately believes the Celtics need a shot of some athleticism, a back-up point guard, or a younger energy guy, he keeps that to himself. If you don't get that guy, what would you do then? Doc wants the guys he's going to go to war with to know he has faith in their abilities. Very ubuntu.

After the jump Doc picks what Glen Davis's new nickname should be.

JR 1/26/2010 07:20:00 PM Edit
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  1. Three Toe says:

    coaching 101: separate public speak and private speak. he may actually believe what he said to be true, but we won't know till a deal is made or not.

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