Basketball is a simple game.  When it all comes down to it, it's about making shots.   Sometimes the shots just don't fall, and there is nothing you can really do about it.  If the Celtics had an average night from behind the arc they would have won this game, and we would all be talking about how this was a statement game, and the funk was over.  Instead, the ball decided not to go in the hoop and we are singing a different tune.

Boston got off to a lethargic start and I honestly thought we were going to get blown out.  The great thing about basketball is everyone makes a run(except teams from New York), and the Celtics were able to claw back into the game. Rasheed Wallace had his best game of the season, though he again had a horrendous night from behind the arc.  I have no problem with Rasheed shooting open threes.  My problem is when he shoots threes out of the offensive set that disrupt the rhythm of the offense. Wallace hit the boards hard grabbing 13 rebounds, and had some nice baskets around the hoop.  This is what he should've been doing all year! Like I always say, playing well is more important than wins and losses in November.  It's all about improving so that the team is hitting its stride in April.
The Magic look good but are definetly beatable. Vince Carter will win them a lot of games this year, but also shoot them out of a lot of games.  I am a firm believer that  player's can't change who they are deep down. Carter will always be a gunner, which I would be weary of if I was a Magic fan.  Dwight Howard's free throw shooting is also a big problem for the Magic.  Hopefully he continues not to fulfill his full potential, because if the light ever does go on watch out.

Everyone needs to relax.  Sure, losing 3 home games already is not something to smile about. However, the Celtics played better last night than they have in awhile.  If they had played like they did against the Nets they would've lost by 40.  Like I said before,  all you can in basketball is try to create the best shot you possibly can.  The rest is up to the basketball gods.  Think about it, no one shoots the ball and tries to miss it.  Rasheed and Eddie House had a ton of open looks that will go down next time. Speaking of Eddie, he should not have been out there as long as he was in the 4th.  If he isn't making shots, he has no impact on the game.  I love the guy, but he is a shooter in every sense of the word. Doc needs to sit him out and play Nasty Daniels if the shot isn't going down.

The Celtics are old but they still have the talent and the hunger to win the title this year.  If Sheed keeps playing like he did last night, Boston will be in good shape.   Remember, we are still missing Big Baby Davis, which will make this team even deeper.  The problem is people's expectations were too high this year.  This was never a 72 win team.  I think when Rasheed said that he meant that 4 years ago this team could've won 72 games. The truth is all of the C's stars are on the downslope of their careers.  Records don't mean anything without a title, so let's all keep our eyes on the prize.

Karl Dillinger 11/21/2009 10:50:00 AM Edit
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