Thanks Vernon, I owe ya

Wednesday, June 22nd, 1994.  I had just passed my Chemistry Regents final exam, something I needed to do otherwise I may have had to go to summer school.  It was Game 7 of the Finals that night.  I was 15.

The Celtics were coming off a horrendous season.  MJ had just retired, so my brother who was a huge Bulls fan was bummed out as well.  Living in NY we took a lot of crap from a lot of people.  We both hated the Knicks.

I remember declaring to people in my class that the Celts would win a championship before the Knicks did.  Vernon Maxwell's shot at 0:59 on this helped this become a reality:

It's too bad the sound isn't synced with the game.  Doesn't matter.  That was my favorite non-Celtic shot from any NBA playoff game in the past 20 years.  And I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Vernon Maxwell, as strange as that sounds lol.

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  1. JR says:

    Great shot, great video. I love how the audio track is like 5 seconds behind (at least). For those wondering how good Hakeem was that first move should help them visualize. He was like Al Jefferson, but taller, an all world defender, and healthier (this coming from a big Gig Al fan).

  2. ACF says:

    I remember how good Hakeem was. Plus, he was always such a lovable guy. Soft-spoken and he just seemed like a humble man. A lot of the kids in today's NBA could learn from that. I usually don't like "bad guys" but I liked Mad Maxx as well. Go figure.

  3. The Coach says:

    Dream was nasty and un-guardable one on one in the post. I remember that shot so well as I am from New York and could not have been happier as Knick fans used to torture me. Well, they have all gotten what the deserved, karma is beautiful.

  4. cd says:

    Rex Chapman falling out of bounds over the shoulder FTW!!! that's my fave

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