On Celtics Stuff Live last night Mike Gorman threw out that "Tommy loves Giddens." Said it two or three times even. Now Tommy loves a lot of people, but its nice to hear someone else high on Giddens (or just someone). Danny was high enough on Giddens to draft him over Mario Chalmers, but seemed to quickly sour on Giddens when we heard a year ago that he was shopping him for a future 2nd rounder. Anyone else high on JR?

JR 10/05/2009 02:59:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bohemian says:

    Honestly, I don´t know JR´s game. I would like to see him playing minutes in preseason because I don´t see him contributing much this year. Let's face it, if these were the pre KG Celtics I would feel really enthusiastic about JR. Now we just can´t make experiments. No Gerald Green watching, no Marcus Banks showing little IQ... The time now is to seize the last years of our future Hall of Famers. I´m sorry but we´ll have to wait to see JR, just not now

  2. Celtics2000 says:

    What I have seen in limited minutes I have liked. I expect him to surprise a few people

  3. The Coach says:

    Giddens is a serious athlete with a huge upside. I totally forgot the Celts took him over Chalmers though. Chalmers backing up Rondo would have been quite an upgrade!

    I agree with Bohemian as far as expecting anything from Giddens as a contributor in games this season.

    Hopefully he will learn from all the veterans around him and be able to take on a role in the future.

  4. Chalmers would have been a perfect fit this year, still makes me cringe. There are a 1,000 JR Giddens's in the NBDL right now.

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