Lebron actually got called for a charge; this has never happened before

Even though it was only one game, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about last night. The Cavs only lost a couple games on their home floor last year, so a win in Cleveland is huge.  The biggest take away from this game for me was the impressive play of the Celtics second unit.  In fact, it was the bench that got them back in the game when they fell behind early.  Rasheed Wallace looked impressive hitting threes and playing solid defense.  Marquis Daniels looked like more than a capable back up for Rondo, and even showed he has some three point range.  Sheldon Williams was a pleasent surprise, looking aggressive on the glass, and Eddie House provided his usual spark.  This was all without the injured Big Baby Davis who will make the second unit even more devestating when he returns.
KG still looks rusty, but you can't expect him to be back at full speed after missing so many months.  I really like how they handled Ray and Paul's minutes.  The depth they have this year will allow them to rest the Big 3 and keep them healthy for the playoffs.  Like TB said, it is only 1 game, but this team looks like they all enjoy playing together. You can tell Rasheed is rejuvenated playing alongside KG, and that KG is as intense as ever.  It should be interesting to see how they play tonight against a pesky Bobcat squad that has always given the Celtics issues.

On the other side of the coin, it is clear to me that the Cavs are lost without Lebron on the court.  Shaq will be a solid player for them 15-20 minutes a game, but doesn't command double teams like he used to. Ilgauskas looks like a slug on the court, and should have retired three years ago.  They have some capable shooters, but no one that really scares you.  Mo Williams had a terrible game, and was vastly outplayed by Rondo. Lebron is amazing though.  That guy does simply everything on the court, and now his jump shot looks even better.  If it comes down to a game 7 with the Celts and Cavs, I don't know if I'll be able to watch.  Let's hope for another win tonight!

Karl Dillinger 10/28/2009 01:26:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Sounds similar to something I posted about a month ago about the Celtics having the best bench in the league.

    Too many minutes for Ray and Paul last night- that's my only gripe. Daniels was playing well and Doc could've left him out there longer in the first half. I understand about wanting the continuity of the starters closing out the first half, but in my opinion, minutes are minutes and if that second unit is clicking well why not have them close out the half.

    Here's hoping Paul, Ray and KG all have under 30 minutes tonight...

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