So Ainge is saying today that he will talk with Rondo's agent to see where each side sees things. I'm not that optimistic that something will be ironed out this Fall.

The Globe:
I think we'll know after a few conversations if we are close and whether we can get a deal done or not. I haven't had a conversation with him. I don't think they know where I stand and I don't know where they stand, so, at some point we'll get together and have that discussion."

If I recall correctly Cedric Maxwell was saying after the season that he spoke to Rondo and asked if the Celtics offered him 5 yrs/ 50 million what would he say? And Rondo said something to the gist of "sign me up." So I'm thinking both sides know where each other stands. I'm guessing that Rondo's agent wasn't too happy to hear that Rajon said that to Max as well. Personally I think the C's should just offer 5/45 and get it done. They're not going to get him for less than 7 mil per year and they risk if he has another solid year having to pay him closer to max money. So if Rondo would be thrilled with 50 million, then work something out now. The price will only go up as the year goes on.

JR 9/18/2009 12:00:00 AM Edit
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  1. Fafnir says:

    I really don't think that Rondo would take a 5/45 offer. I think he'll want to at least explore restricted free agency, especially with the surplus of cap room that might be floating around.

    I do think that his worth is around 7/8 million per year. If he could just hit a jumpshot....

  2. 5/45? I doubt that we can bank of that Maxwell rumor, and I'm not greedy enough to play chicken with this kid. Lock him up at 5/50 if that's even possible, Rondo is money in the bank and 10mil per would be an absolute steal. If they don't get it done this offseason, they'll be paying a lot more this time next year...

  3. ACF says:

    Considering how god R2 already is, I say we do just about anything to keep him for the long run. Our KG/Ray/Sheed/Pierce window is slowly but steadily closing and we need someone to build around for the future. Rajon is that someone. Let's do this, Danny!

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