Neither JR Giddens nor Billy Walker impressed during their rookie years. Giddens was billed as a high first round talent if not for his questionable attitude and Walker was billed as a lottery talent if not for his injury history. Well Giddens's attitude and Walker's knees seemed fine, but their play left a lot to be desired. Walker appeared to be more in favor with the C's based on being on the active roster more.

After this year's Summer League play though, Doc hinted that Giddens was now slightly ahead. I watched those Summer League games and neither player looked good to me.

And guys like Giddens and Walker should be tearing it up in the Summer. If Marcus Banks and Gerald Green could, what does it say if Giddens and Walker can't? How will they suddenly pick up their games against real NBA talents. Well it's a long season in the NBA, and the inevitable injuries will occur, so unless Danny adds another wing, one of these two should get some run this year and we need to be optimistic that we will be pleasantly surprised. So the question for you Celtics Lifers is who is the better bet? Giddens or Walker?
Giddens: Born: Feb 13, 1985 Height: 6-5  Weight: 215  lbs. College: New Mexico  

WalkerBorn: Oct 9, 1987 Height: 6-6  Weight: 220  lbs. College: Kansas State


JR 9/12/2009 06:55:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like Walker better.

  2. Mike-Dub says:

    Me too... He has much more to offer in my eyes.

  3. tb727 says:

    Did Doc really say Giddens is ahead? Maybe that was to just try and convince Indiana to take him in a Daniels deal.

    I just haven't seen enough of Giddens to really know anything about him. Walker we've seen play, and obviously remember that amazing preseason dunk last season.

    I too like Walker better and hope he can get some minutes at the 3 this year spelling Pierce.

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