The Boston Celtics took a 2-0 series lead over the Bucks Tuesday night after a solid 120-106 win at TD Garden. Naturally, frustrated Milwaukee fans had a lot to say about it. Here's how they were reacting as the game unfolded:

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I feel sorry for Boston fans
Our D gives them the impression they have a team that’ll go deep…
Talk about a spin zone!

We might get swept by the Celtics ball boys

I really wish the Bucks would "Own the Present" rather than the future
This guys' got a good point - someone might want to bring this up with the Bucks' marketing team

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All i can say is it must be nice to have 3 point shooters.

I'm trying to understand how a team can be this bad at rebounding.

Giannis is too good for this team

This series is over

Alright you know what F this team. I’m done

Every starter and random backups look like future HOFers vs. the bucks.

i just threw up. this is so disgusting i cant take any more.

Tatum should shave

Our defense is the miracle cure any opposing player needs to get comfortable

Waiting for Yabusele's break out performance next game

Bucks dont deserve Giannis

F*****g Morris is unconscious
*One minute later
Add Rozier to that list
*Two minutes later
And horford
*One minute later
And Brown
*And another minute later
And Shane Larkin

I think im just gonna spin a wheel and whatever team it lands on is my new team.

I blame everything on Sr. Charles picking us to win.

Bucks in 6
You can't win in 6 if you don't lose 2. 8-)

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Erik Johnson 4/18/2018 12:14:00 AM Edit
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