When it comes to recruiting free agents, the word is nobody is better than the Boston Celtics.
In a recent study conducted by ESPN on a number of free agency-related issues, the Celtics won the day by a considerable margin when asked which team puts together the best free agency pitches. Boston came up at the top of the list with 27% of the votes, with only the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers logging double-digit returns with 15 and 12% of the votes respectively.

The Golden State Warriors managed to make a decent showing as well, with nine percent of the vote, but the entire rest of the league combined for the remaining 37%. Something tells me the methodology here is a little off given the Warriors bagged Kevin Durant when it was his turn to be wooed, but with at least one anonymous Eastern Conference guard referring to that very wooing as an example of why Boston's pitches are so good (per ESPN):

"Boston [has the best]. If you bring Tom Brady? That's pretty damn cool."

...we can surmise one of two things: 1) the problem was never with Boston, but Durant - or 2) the anonymous guard was Kyrie Irving. I'll let you all decide what's what.

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