It has become pretty well known for fans in Boston that Jaylen Brown is a man of many talents. Besides developing into one of the NBA’s best young swingmen and an array of abilities on the court, at just 21-years of age the second-year Boston Celtic also has a budding music career in the works as well as many other passions.

Also known by his stage-name "Jaythoven" (I hope I spelt that correctly), Brown has done quite the job of developing the reputation of someone with very diverse, vast, and yet intriguing interests. Learning how to speak Arabic his rookie year in the league (or still learning) and now teaching himself to play the piano, we can add another challenge, or future endeavor, to Brown’s plate on top of those ... attending Harvard University.

Per an interview with reporters at the Celtics practice facility yesterday, Jaylen was asked how he felt about being approached by the university to be a speaker at the school this upcoming semester. The Atlanta native was very excited to say the least as he also mentioned the possibility of maybe even attending the university one day.

Now, maybe he’s just referencing taking a couple night courses or a summer one down the road but regardless, you have to admire any time somebody of his age shows so much ambition and passion to better themselves. Attending one of the best schools in the country should only help his business acumen in the future if he's that serious about pursuing those other potential careers outside of professional basketball.

Now for some Boston fans, they might prefer he rather focus his attention on his performance on the hardwood than any extra-curricular activities like school (funny how school is the extra-curricular activity in this case).

This probably isn't the most outrageous claim considering he's getting paid millions of dollars a year and well, it is his job after all. But as much as these guys are basketball players, basketball alone doesn't define them.

For many players in the league, just getting to this point becomes a forum to do things they probably never would have had the opportunity to do given the circumstances they grew up in. For any basketball fan or Celtic fan for that matter, as long as Brown keeps on performing well and doing his job for Brad Stevens on a night-to-night basis, nobody should have any qualms with his pursuit to better himself off the court.

And who wouldn't want to take a few classes at Harvard, anyway?

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