The Celtics toughed out an overtime win in Dallas a couple weeks ago to keep their winning streak alive. Last night, they welcomed those very same Mavs to the TD Garden and for three quarters old man Dirk and the boys looked like capable opponents, but the 4th quarter rolled around and the C's were able to take over and put away the game when it came to winning time. Mavs fans were torn over one thing last night: They almost universally agree that tanking is the way to go for their team that's going nowhere come playoff time, but the divide came over whether beating the Celtics was more important than bottoming out, even it's just for one night.

Top Three:

We may lose this, but on the bright side we don't verse the celtics anymore

I really dislike Shane Larkin. Probably not even his fault tbh. But I actively root for his failure.

Mavs blow by defenders and brick open layups, Kyrie takes half the defense to the basket and gets an and 1

Dennis Smith-Irving scuffle:

Kyrie will need that facemask if he tries starting shit with DSJ lmao


First T on DSJ career?

Wes' reaction when he got the T was priceless.

dennis was just letting kyrie know he's not playing, ref

good DSJ ain't backin down on anyone, Love it!

DSJ - don't push me i'll beat yo ass.

Full Slate:

The Celtics sleeping on us hard by not playing Brown and Morris.

So, yet another potential win that’s tarnished by opposing injuries.
It's not bad to have a little luck here and there
With all due respect,If Kyrie and Horford were out, then I’d be willing to play the injury card. They still have more than enough talent to roast us.

smeltics overrated they'll drop down sooner or later

they remind me of the houstank team that won all those games in the regular season,but went nowhere...

My head says tank but my heart says fuck the Celtics.

Is Rick holding back subbing in Salah because he knows he will send this game to a new level of chippiness? I say we unleash the beast.

who's daniel theis

JJ is the most underrated player in the NBA.


Larkin revenge game?

how are you going to leave former mavs draft bust larkin open

The Celts are messing with our tank
I am ok with beating good teams. I want to lose to the games we should win lol

We are being too hot again, just like against Denver. We need a top pick :(

Damn we look good at times.

Angry Dirk is pretty fun
Pissed Dirk is good Dirk but Tech Dirk is not
fair enough lol

Mavs in panic mode. they fear they might win this one hence couple of quick T.

I dont care about the tank when the celtics are involved in a game

So we're in all in agreement....Maxi is the best Euro prospect on the NBA radar.

Hope we will keep the lead until the last minute then lose

Wes is definitely the tank commander of the day

Kleber 3 was clearly good. What a ripoff. I know, the tank, the tank

I forgot Yabusele existed

This is the most boring, uninspiring and elderly lineup I've seen all year.

Tatum get hella fouls. DSJ get nun. NBA must still hate Cuban

Y'all think Nerlens is snacking on a bratwurst right now?

The fact that everybody on the Celtics is determined to not miss a 3 is really pissing me off

It would be a shame if we lose this game...

that woman was wearing a long sleeve black tand overalls. boston people look like you’re in lewisville

the amount of dribbles the guards do without going anywhere

Mavs gonna Mavs

Engage 4th quarter tank.

smeltics are good but they're not the best team in the nba
they arent?

Guys. For real, don't fucking tell me our tank isn't by design when Dirk takes 4 fucking 3s and bricks them all within 2 mins. Tank Commander Dirk trying to leave us with that top 3 pick.


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Mark Allison 12/07/2017 11:02:00 AM Edit
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