If you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer – but sometimes the silly answer is not un-true!!

To answer the silly question posed in the title of this post – not only can such preposterousness occur, it happened Tuesday night on an NBA court.

Tuesday was a weird night to begin with – all three games featured a visiting team that had traveled from a game the previous day. The Phoenix Suns had defeated the 76ers Monday night on the heels of their set-back to the Celtics in the TD Garden last weekend. Even in defeat, the Suns had put a pretty good spankin’ on Brad’s Boys in the matter of “follow-up” points, 19-9.

That OR prowess didn’t seem to make it through customs Tuesday on the squad’s journey to Toronto.

For only the second time in the entire NBA history that is stored at basketball-reference.com, the Phoenix Suns posted ZERO Offensive Rebounds against Dwane Casey’s Raptors (hardly a Defensive Rebounding juggernaut at No. 17 in the Association).

"It's called a basketball, Timmy."
On one Q3 FGA, the Phoenix miss wound up out-of-bounds last touched by a Raptor – the clumsy Suns went on to commit an immediate turnover.

On two other occasions – late in Q1 and in the game’s final minute – a Phoenix player was fouled during his offensive rebounding effort and awarded two FT’s, three of which were successful.

So, even with a box-score that proclaims absolutely no accomplishment on the Offensive glass, the Suns seem deserving of three points worth of “Second Chance” credit for this outing, no?

Would you believe me if I told you the only other squad to hold the dubious distinction of recoding no OR’s for an entire game included both David Robinson and Tim Duncan – also happened to win the game in question, one of 58 victories for that season

Ask a silly question … oops, already used that one!!!

images: nydailynews, espress-news

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