Yesterday Evan Turner's day took a turn for the worse when his pool was greeted with an unexpected guest...a truck. It is unsure if Turner was home during the crash, however the truck seemed to veer off the road and ended up tumbling into Turners backyard pool. 

The truck reportedly lost control while driving down the winding road and soared off an embankment and ended up crashing into Turner's pool. Here is a photo of the crash:

According to reports, the back of the truck was somewhat submerged in the pools water when the Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau had to rescue the driver in dramatic fashion.

The driver appeared to be stuck in the truck, so first responders were forced to use the "jaws of life" in order to pry the the damaged steering column from the center console which had pinned the driver inside the truck. A total of eight people were involved in the rescue of the driver.

After the rescue, the driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance with serious injuries. Later in the day Turner released a statement regarding the incident; "grateful that the first responders were able to rescue (the driver) and I hope and pray he'll be fine."

Photo Credit: Kathy Willens 

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