I don't know about you folks, but I had a sneaky feeling the streak might end this afternoon. Thankfully, my intuitions were as off as a Marcus Smart buzzer heave, but it must have really stunk for Toronto Raptors fans desperately hoping to get some separation from the mediocre, middle-of-the-pack teams currently jockeying for the second-best slot in the Eastern Conference. TOO BAD - the Boston Celtics kept their streak alive with the twelfth consecutive win after dropping their first two games, so kick back and enjoy the salty air wafting down from our neighbor to the north.



Toronto boasts the best backcourt in basketball with Lowry and DeRozan. Their big men are also very skilled.

go bench go!

I think Raptors will win if Irving is not playing. No disrespect intended to Celtics, they are just short handed for this game. That being said, Celtics is still the team to beat in the east and most likely be going to finals.
Sorry Cavs fans, time sure pass you by without you knowing it.

Raptors own the Atlantic division... #WeTheNORTH

Toronto better win this game with Irving not playing...


they’re goin’ down for Kyle today



Times have changed. When I played {back in the 70's} a field goal percentage of less than 45% was considered "weak." Anything less than 40% you wouldn't get on the court {even if you were Larry Bird.} Now. It's a bit different. Kyrie, and Hayward, and Jaylen Brown are all career NBA 45% shooters while Rozier and Smart are career NBA 35% shooters {I'm not talking about the 3 ball........I mean EVERYTHING.} Smart and Rozier are pretty good player's but when you watch them and you say to yourself, "that guy is not a good shooter." You are RIGHT. They aren't very good shooter's. {LOL}

why the fucking JV is still as a raptor? this guy needs to stay on the bench, purely useless

How much did the Celtics pay to bribe the refs?

Casey's days are numbered

Celtics are a good regular season team. 
Not sure they are built for that...


Ibaka cant handle tip-ins rebound at the buzzer. He always choked. The ball always slips thru his hands ... Hé is not clutch at all this Guy. I Remember same play in playoff couples years ago when he was with okc. Same situation, same angle , cant grab the rebound Hé is so not clutch at the end this Guy.

Same Raptors isolation offense chokes at the end if the game

The refs called three phantom fouls down the stretch. 2 fouls when Toronto players lost control of the ball while they were going up for shot as they drove to the hoop, and the last foul call, where there must have been a soccer ref making the call.

How did Toronto lose this game against Boston without two of their stars?

Hard to win when the other team takes 20 more shots. Celts working hard.

Toronto just seems to be regressing every year since they made the conf finals.

The Celtics still have no shot against the Cavs in the Playoffs

Casey is the worst coach in the NBA


why blame Ibaka. Derozan missed 3 straight makeable shots

Irving and brown are a better backcourt

I am a Raps fan from Toronto but they lack mental discipline. Last year they played the same way. Lapses in concentration. Lazy passes. Sloppy on offense and defense. Boston on the other hand looks like they are well positioned for the next few years. Credit to their front office and coach.

raptors = forever chokers.

Not a Celtics fan, but man, Brad Stevens is a hell of a coach. Overachieves every year and 11-2 this year even after losing Hayward the first game.

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