The Boston Celtics waltzed into Brooklyn last night and put down the Nets. Kyrie Irving, mask on, dropped 25 and both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Browned showed off what could have been for the artists formerly from New Jersey. Nets fans, naturally, have a deep disdain for both the Celtics and their fans, as evidenced below.

Top Three:

Tice looks like the face of domestic abuse and xanax

Stings to hear MVP chants for Kyrie in Brooklyn. Shit, it's hard enough being one of the worst teams in the league but it's a whole new case when half your city roots for another team

Can't believe we lost to these sons of *expletive* and their *expletive* that call themselves fans, *expletive* everything boston stands for

The Nets Formula:

We're following the classic Nets formula!
Start out sloppy
Get hot towards the end of the second quarter - be up or tied at the end of the half
Half an absolutely trash 3rd quarter
Have a decent 4th quarter and make a minor comeback but eventually lose
One of our youth will have a great game, but never more than one

Full Slate:

can he defend Horford and Aron Baynes?
Probably not, but neither can Mozgov

Oh boy this is gonna get ugly quick

They just make stupidly tough shots, we get demoralised, brick our shots.

This is tough to watch right now

I love Baynes cool-in-2012 man bun
I know it makes his face more punchable
He's a pretty big dude, good luck with that

Imagine half of our roster being a ''3 point threat'' yet here we are shooting below league average on open looks.

Brooklynnettes choreography always spot on.

Marcus Smart is literally the Lindsay Lohan of basketball


Marcus Smart is painfully mediocre, wow

Jarret Allen goes in and our defence breaks apart :( can't help it cus a rookie i guess

Crabbe really matured into a decent looking person, he used to be like eeeeeehhh (chills)

Refball, don't touch Kyrie Irving or you get sent to Guantanamo Bay

Wow just tuned in, can’t believe it’s a tie game. We have a strong team regardless whose injured!
I don't know about strong team (maybe mentally?)

holy fuck that spanish girl that was dancing works at a firm that my company represents

if Rondae is hurt just murder me fam

Anyone else notice Dinwiddie's great defense on Kyrie? Not phased at all by the dribble moves

Acy clearly not cut for anything but 3 and somewhat d lol

we are going toe to toe with the best team in the league, why is the crowd subdued tonight?
Because the Boston fans bought out the Nets fans tonight. If you are Nets fan, you can go to the game on Friday for half the price you would have paid tonight.

the best team?
at least the best team up to November 14. It's like being the tallest midget.

At the game, it seems like the Nets have the most blown layups tonight in the history of the game. Is that accurate?

wtf, my streamed fucked up for like 1 minute and now we behind by 11?!

can someone tell me wtf is on Booker's head?
someone called him a raisin on the /nba game thread

Kyrie is 25?!

I'm at a bar watching the game. Thank God I can't hear the Celtics commentators
i assume you were preparing to trash talk Boston fans if we win?

there are more celtics fans here than nets fans, its sad
i blame our fanbase, weak.

Someone please beat the shit out of Ken Mauer

I hate players like Morris, they have perfected the shotmaking of the most difficult shots. They are so demoralizing and frustrating to see go in.

If only we had 3 guys capable of running an offense and they didn't get injured...

Dinwiddie is my dad

Moral victory. We gave them a good game

My heart cant take this no mo

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Mark Allison 11/15/2017 09:07:00 AM Edit
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