Things are starting to click for the C's. On Thursday night against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Greek Freak, Al Horford and Kyrie Irving had their best games since coming to Boston. Here are their stats from the game:

Horford: 34 minutes, 27 pts. on 78.6% shooting, four/five on threes, seven reb., four asst., one block

Irving: 34 minutes, 24 pts. on 55.6% shooting, two/four on threes, three reb., seven asst., two steals, one block

Kyrie is not just a great player. He is damn fun to watch. He is entertaining. I have never seen a player with his jackhammer dribbling combined with his ability to keep control of the ball and score in so may ways. This drive and subsequent pass through traffic to Al at the arc is just unbelievable. Watch it in the tweet below. When we see this kind of play and production from Irving, it is easy to see why Danny Ainge was so high on him. Kyrie was again described as the "best under-the-rim finisher ever" by NBA TV's Grant Hill in this morning's broadcast of Game Time.

Al just does it all, and he does it quietly. No flash - plenty of substance. He has the age, talent, maturity and stability. So I ask, why is he not the Celtics Captain yet? The organization may feel that Gordon Hayward, former team captain of the Utah Jazz, could be a better choice. Kyrie Irving is the Celts best player, but he is young and may not be ready to take on the responsibility. My vote goes to Horford. He seems to have almost everybody's respect.

The Boston Celtics are starting to gel. Of all of Kyrie's stats from the last Bucks game, I really like the seven assists. He is doing everything, just like Al. That defines versatility. You have to love this team.

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Photo credit: Nancy Lane/Boston Herald

Tom Lane 10/28/2017 07:59:00 AM Edit
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