Once upon a time, I was as much a video game nerd as I was a basketball nerd.

Every week, I used to pump my allowance - and most of my lunch money - into arcades full of 25-cent starship-powered space battles, sword-and-sorcery fueled adventures, and epic parquet showdowns with purple-and-yellow clad foes - and when I wasn't in the arcade, I was with my friends, on our Ataris, Nintendos, and Segas, hoisting the Triforce, the Larry O'Brien Trophy, or exploding the Death Star on a fairly regular basis.

I imagine a lot of you all were too, so most of these Larry Bird-themed games are probably familiar, even if some of them are so old I am pretty sure the game format was clay tablets. If you want to make a trip down memory lane, check the video above by Hoops Hype; some of the earliest are good reminders that computer memory is much like our own - the further back you go, the worse it gets - in fact, Hoops Hype forgot the deepest depths of Larry Bird in video game history - a monochrome debacle that once was the bleeding edge of sports video games:

I don't know about you folks, but I find it apropos the game was in Boston Celtics' alternate uni colors. However, I can't remember playing this gem in the flesh. Did any of you have this or some of the other earlier games Larry makes an appearance in? Which were your favorites? Which were the worst? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image: Boston.com
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