If you hate Danny Ainge - or just want to see him fall into a vat of water for a good cause - you're in luck.

Danny is taking one for the team next Monday in Orem, Utah, where he plans to let any comer donating $25 to support his son Tanner's re-election campaign take a shot at hitting a target with a baseball. If successful, the elder Ainge will take a fall into a tub of water, which mat prove cathartic for local Utah Jazz fans seeking some comeuppance for the Boston Celtics GM having stolen away Gordon Hayward earlier in the summer.

Personally, I'd be up for watching a live stream of the event simply for comic value, though perhaps that's beyond the scope of what the Ainges are trying to do. No word on whether there will be any of those classic "I hate Danny Ainge" shirts available, but one would think that could be another great way to raise funds for Tanner, too.

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Image: Mark Philbrick/BYU
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Justinquinnn 8/05/2017 12:35:00 PM Edit
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