While the Boston Celtics were neck-deep in nonsense trying to determine whether they had indeed landed their primary free agency target yesterday, the rest of the league continued with their own signings, much of which could have significant impacts on the Celts in some way or another.

Join Justin Quinn and Luis Gonzalez (formerly of The Players Tribune) as they sort through what might have caused the confusion with the Hayward signing, and as they make sense of what next season's changing landscape might imply for Boston's assets and playoff hopes. Quite a few teams, from the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers to the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings are trying to improve in a hurry, while a lack of reinforcements for contenders in the east may also ease the path the NBA Finals. There's a lot to chew on, so come with an appetite - and brace yourself for some hard decisions.

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Justinquinnn 7/05/2017 05:57:00 PM Edit
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