Someone really ought to tell the Brooklyn Nets a coffee shop is not the best place for internal discussions.

Of course, it's possible that reports of front office personnel of the team with the league's worst record - currently a full two games behind the next-worst team (the Miami Heat - yes, you read that right) - meeting at a local Starbucks to discuss trade assets are wrong, and they were just there for the coffee.

Or, maybe not. It's hard to say what exactly this team's management is up to, precisely, but unless this is sneaky-smart marketing to build up trade buzz for a team that has very, very few actual assets (is a folder really necessary? With a spiral binder too? Would not a single sheet of paper be a better use of what the team actually has for assets?), I have to wonder whether reports of astute additions to the team's management team may have been a little premature.

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Justin Quinn 1/13/2017 02:50:00 PM Edit
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