Our old friend Paul Pierce dropped a gem on The Players' Tribune earlier this week. It's a short video of him narrating over images from his glory days back in Boston with KG and Ray, battling against Kobe, and his first playoff series against Allen Iverson and the Sixers back in 2002:

It said Part 1! Hopefully we got a lot more of these.

The Players Tribune has become a really nice outlet for professional athletes to give some perspective to who they are on and off court/field/rink. Pierce has become a fairly regular contributor on there, and he's given us some really cool stuff. A couple years back he dropped the video about what it's like returning to the city he played for most of his career, and back in the summer he announced on the Tribune that this would be his final season.

Which got me thinking; I mean, if the Clippers aren't gonna use him, and we've got a couple of guys that aren't really doing much at the end of the bench here...maybe Doc could do us a solid?

A little veteran leadership on the bench, and anytime Brad Stevens needs to wake up the crowd at the Garden he can just send Pierce to the scorer's table to check in. Plus we all know Paul would turn back the clocks for one game and drop 30 at home...because you know, The Truth.

Seriously Doc, we'll throw in a signed Isaiah Thomas jersey to put it over the top.

Photo Credit - John Bazemore/Associated Press

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Mark Allison 12/22/2016 09:54:00 AM Edit
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