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Dagger. We end 2016 in the most Heat 2016 way possible

Boston is so blessed as a city. They have a nice economy, snow, 3 good sports teams and a championship nearly every year. How is this fair to the rest of the U.S.?

This is so conflicting because I have Isaiah Thomas on my fantasy team.

Best of the Rest

Waiting for us to get to the very bottom of the standings hole

Listening to Tony and Eric is a blessing. They are giving Isaiah Thomas so many props like he is a Heat player. Wish all announcers were this good.

I gotta give mad respect tho, he plays every night as if he has that chip of being picked 60th.

50 points for IT. I guess he's the Heat killer

Can't even react to that shot. Like okay.

Wow Isaiah Thomas is nuts

Truly, garbage reffing

Boy I sure can't wait for that 2 minute report where the Heat have 15 missed calls on offense.

I've come to realize Whiteside won't improve anymore. His post moves are 100% shit, PLUS he travles 50% of the time

He's not a max contract player. We should trade him and get something decent out of him

Honestly our guys need to learn to flop. Attacking the basket all night and getting nothing.

Richardson gets beat on every damn screen has no one notice this yet?

Willie Reed outplaying Whiteside tonight

Put Willie Reed's mentality in Whiteside's body and you get the best center in the league.

I hate the celtics and its fans with my guts, please let us beat them

I'm all aboard #TankSZN unless we play the celtics

Saw we took the lead and will stay for the remainder of the 4th. Having a shot at spoiling Boston's fans nights is always good.

No energy in this game. Boston just has to go on a small run and it's over.

I'm gonna be really happy next season when Justise is shooting 60% for 3, and we realize he was missing on purpose this season to help the tank.

Winslow might be a stud on defense but he sucks balls on offense


Well this team might be trash but at least we compete.

Heat now out of the tiebreaker for 3rd place in the Tankathon. Have complete possession of 3rd as of now.

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