Following Friday's important victory against the Charlotte Hornets, the Boston Celtics produced another strong performance two nights later, as they prevailed over the Miami Heat on Sunday. Despite an ejection for All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas, Boston walked out of South Beach with the 105-95 win, taking their overall record for the season to 15-12. Versatile big man Al Horford helped the Celtics in many ways, as he racked up a stat line of 17 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. Life without Dwyane Wade has been tough so far for the Heat, who now sit at 9-19 for the season. Here are some of the Miami fan’s reactions to their loss:

Top Three

These b******s in green dont miss.

That's one thing I miss about having LeBron on the Heat. Dude always brought it against the Celtpricks.

Brad Stevens has a very punchable looking face to me.

Obligatory Complaints About The Officials

Officials are a bunch of Heat haters.

Saw this coming. Boston always plays like world-beaters against us. A Tony Brothers patented screw job doesn't help either.

Tony Brothers is freaking blind.

FO Tony Brothers. Just FO.

This ref is acting like we just pissed on his breakfast and DIDN'T clean it up after ourselves

Full slate

Fun fact : Josh McRoberts was the McDonald's All-Star MVP in 2005.

Our team last year struggled mightily against the Celtics, so not surprised we're getting killed early.

I feel like Dragic is not very good at selling fouls? That's a skill and he seems like he's too tough to act like a wimp out there?

Whiteside sucks & we need to trade him for a bag of peanuts.

Celtics? More like give us your draft picks amirite ooooo

What does McGruder even do?

If Olynyk is gonna guard Justise, Winslow needs to attack every time

I will have to stick to watching reruns of our rare wins, in order to keep the morale high.

My goodness, they're just not missing. And its not just one player.

Nah, we got this. Just playin' possum right now. McBob will explode in the second half.

McBob looking like John Bender from the Breakfast Club.

This game is just another reason to hate the Celtics. Hope they face the Cavs again in the playoffs and get wrecked.

Well atleast this team try's hard

I hate that little p***k Thomas

That's like 20th point scored from out of bounds play by Celtics. Spo should take some notes.

Winslow is so bad man. But whatever......

Wish we had IT.

Fire our free throw shooting coach

they ejected him for that???

Smart is the biggest flopper in the league. just move on

Wow, Boston completely owned us.

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Josh Coyne 12/19/2016 03:10:00 AM Edit
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