Sunday nights loss to Denver was tough to watch. We've already talked about how pissed off Brad Stevens was following the blowout at home, and apparently that sentiment is shared with Marcus Smart. He had some strong feelings after reviewing the game film on Monday, via Taylor C. Snow of Celtics.com:

“It was horrible,” Marcus Smart reflected of the team's film session. “Everybody was disgusted with it. Everybody was disgusted with themselves and the way the team played.”

“We watched all the negative clips, all the things we didn’t do, and we just kept it honest with each other,” said Smart. “And with a team that’s what you need. You need everybody to be honest. You can’t have anybody worrying about themselves, because everybody did something wrong; it wasn’t just one person out there.

“So it was a good thing to do that today – to watch film, watch what we did wrong and try to fix those mistakes.”

Smart also mentioned a big difference in the way other teams treat playing the Celtics this year:

Perhaps a blowout loss could be the catalyst for ratcheting the defense up, and getting back to the level the C's played at much of last year. Brad Stevens says it needs to be a unified effort to get back on track, especially when you're the smallest team in the NBA:

“Defense is a five-man proposition,” said Stevens. “If one is not in the right spot or the right place, you’re always going to be exposed, and certainly if you’re small you’re going to be exposed.”

Stevens called his Celtics "a finesse team" on Sunday night after the game. Smart took exception to that, but he knows that's exactly how they've looked so far:

“Yeah, we definitely do. That’s definitely a challenge. We’re not a finesse team,” Smart said after Monday’s practice. “We understand that. But we did play finesse the other night. So, he was right to call us that. We’ve got to look ourselves in the mirror and we’ve got to own up to it and take responsibility. The good thing about this sport and any sport, especially basketball, you get to go play another game. We’ve got to throw that game out the window and get ready for Wednesday.”

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