The Celtics had a blowout victory at home in the TD Garden against the Knicks, 115-87. After a rough three game stretch, the Celts needed this one. While it might have been all fun and games for the Cs, Knicks fans were absolutely distraught with the officials in this game and they certainly voiced it. Here are some of the most entertaining comments I've seen all year:

Top Three Comments:

You guys want to know what i am having for the halftime snack? My dick on a plate for mike been, my farts in a bowl for the refs, and my middle finger to the whole boston celtics

Tony Brothers has a micropenis

Who the fuck does Smart think he is with his Odell hairstyle? You look like a macaroni penguin MARCUS

Most Obscurely Funny Comment of the Night:

Jonas Jerebko looks like William Defoe

Best of the Rest:

BY FAR, The worst officiating I’ve ever seen. This is fucking disgusting.

This shit is so fucking rigged. Refs ain't even hiding it

Melo just talked to a ref and got thrown out, what the fuck?

Send Porzingod to Siberia and play Wily more

Why these refs giving Avery Bradley the James Harden foul calls?

I hate Olynyk's man bun.

Jaylen Brown was a much better pick than the Celtics got credit for

I would love to hear a rational explanation for how the refs aren't fucking us out of this game? Nobody? Didn’t think so. Fuck these refs! Fuck the Celtics! And never forget Fuck Paul motherfuckin Pierce!

Clearly the Knicks forgot to pay the monthly ref dues, that's why we're getting screwed.

Anyone else watching this on League pass and getting the Celtics camera feed, i hate these people. Bostonians got a bad hand genetically

Boston fans are pasty and gross

Fuck Isaiah and his headband

Now Noah is called for a tech. These refs need to burn in hell.

NBA needs a new category: Wins/Losses/Refs

Hope our fatty Melo is rested and ready for tomorrow

Olynyk looks like the kind of guy that likes to get peed on


Gentlemen we just saw NBA History, the most poorly officiated game of all time

I was watching this shit on the Celtics feed, I actually find Tommy hilarious. This old bastard fuckin complains about it all and I love it.

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Kevin Yazhari 11/11/2016 10:18:00 PM Edit
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